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The wonderbra bra was first introduced to the lingerie market in 1994. It was a massive success because it was distinguished by increased convenience. However, it was created much earlier. The bra pre-model appeared in 1961 when designer Louise Poyer was engaged in the creation of underwear. He was working for the Canadian company Canadian. At that time, lingerie, as well as the female body itself, no one had so frankly shown. And only in the 90s the famous models Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer demonstrated their bodies on the podium. Since then, women have a desire to have not only practical but also beautiful underwear.

In wonderbra bras, women feel beautiful and desirable without being models. Underwear manufactured by this brand emphasizes not only their natural external beauty but also their individuality and internal beauty. Due to the unique shape of the cups and the particular cut, bras demonstrate the female breast from the most advantageous side, providing it with a push-up effect and, at the same time, absolute convenience. Even without straps, they ideally sit on any female figure.

Wonderbra is the legendary brand of lingerie, which is famous for its innovative approach to form and design. We asked brand experts to comment on various models and tell which type of figure each of them would be most suitable.

The word “Wonderbra” has almost become synonymous with the word “push-up” because breast-enhancing bras have always been the brand’s trademark. Today, the company produces a wide range of models of bras. Designers and designers of the brand are well aware of what modern women need. And strive to be ahead of the time by introducing new multifunctional models.

We asked the brand’s experts to comment on the brand’s models and tell what type of figure each of them would suit most (by the way, we recently wrote how to choose the perfect underwear).

Wonderbra Perfect Strapless Lace

The novelty of the autumn-winter 2014 season is that many have loved the bra model in a new design, combining magnificent graphic lace, a seductive polka-dot mesh, and soft microfiber.

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra is the most versatile bra in the entire line. It is suitable for any type of chest, under most types of cutouts of clothing, except for a very deep neckline. It is entirely invisible even under the thinnest fabric. For women with small breast size, he will add volume. But he will raise a large breast and give rounded shapes. Two other indisputable advantages of this model are the absence of shoulder straps and the unique design of the palm-shaped support system that provides it throughout the depth of the cup. Unique palm-shaped designs are built into the bra cups, and, unlike the usual bones that are under the breast. Distribute the load throughout the cup and support the chest most naturally for girls who prefer a glamorous style.

What: Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge

Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge – This bra was suitable to complement the deep V-neckline, similar to those worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, and Pippa Middleton.

Ultimate Plunge uses the same support system as the Ultimate Strapless bra, which brings the volume of the chest to the center, forming a seductive hollow. A transparent jumper made of silicone allows you to wear the most in-depth neckline safely.

The New Year holidays are approaching, the time of cocktails, parties, and luxurious evening dresses. For such occasions, Wonderbra offers a different Ultimate Plunge bra explicitly designed for a deep neckline. It visually enlarges the chest, lifts, and centers it, creating a seductive hollow, and, thanks to the lowered basque or transparent jumper, remains completely invisible. Such a bra will gradually adjust the shape of the chest and create the impression that there is no underwear under the dress.

Wonderbra Full effect Lace

Great shapes, luxurious neckline, and glamorous style. Wonderbra presents another novelty of the fall-winter 2014 season – a full-effect lace bra of a shade of noble Burgundy wine!

Full-effect Miracle Bra is the perfect find for girls with a small bust. Thanks to super-light gel pads and fan-shaped inlays, it increases breast volume by as much as two sizes. This model has become a real hit all over the world, especially the Full-Effect lace model in lace performance.

Wonderbra T-Shirt

The basic push-up model, perfect for a T-shirt! In the new season, it is presented in bright fashionable colors: bright pink, aquamarine, and purple.

T-shirt models are incredibly comfortable!

If you need a basic bra model for every day, perfect for a T-shirt. Then I recommend that you opt for the T-shirt model; it’s a smooth push-up, comfortable and convenient. Moreover, bright colors have appeared in the new season: pink, aquamarine, and purple, which will create an excellent mood for you!

The wonderbra bra goes well with the Original Gel Bra and Basic panties produced by this brand. The brand represents shorts, hipster panties, and thongs, which are in no way inferior to bras in beauty and comfort. All models of underwear designed, taking into account the anatomical features of the female body, so they fit perfectly on any figure. All products of the brand wonderbra are representing by a wide size range and a vibrant color palette. Among which each woman will surely find for herself precisely the model she was looking for.

Manufacture of Wonderbra

The materials used in the manufacture of Wonderbra, as well as all other products manufactured by the company. In contact with the skin cause only pleasant sensations. They combine natural cotton fabrics with synthetic fibers, providing a perfect fit. As for the design of the bra, it can be completely different from the classic to the completely original. Lingerie collections update continuously, allowing women to change their image. Wonderbra lingerie is an excellent choice that will emphasize the individuality and femininity of its owner, bring a twist, and a unique charm to her look!

It is this model of lingerie today that is the secret weapon of all beauties to seduce a man’s heart. A unique cut can lift and hold any breast so much that even women who are complex for their sizes can already feel like queens with a luxurious bust. Now we will see what the advantage of this handsome man is. Wonderbra bra can visually enlarge a small breast, and the owners of curvaceous forms will allow presenting them in a favorable light. Here the shape correction takes place immediately; also, the dense tissue allows the large breast to keep itself without the presence of pillows and fillers with the help of a single piece of bone, which creates the effect of the neckline.

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