Which Bra Is Right For Your Breast Shape?

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Choosing the right bra to find the right size is only half the success. It is very important to know that any feature of the shape of your breasts can affect how one or another model of a bra will “sit” on you.

Unfortunately, this is the most difficult and confusing topic, because each female breast is unique (shape, volume, location on the chest, etc.). Nevertheless, on this page, we have collected the main points of what you should pay attention to when choosing the right bra.

If this information does not seem complete to you, then it is worth remembering that the best way to find the perfect bra for your forms is to try on as many styles and brands as possible until you find the ones that suit you best.

Highlights for determining: breast shape, the distance between the right and left breasts, upper chest, chest position, and nipple direction.


Among the wide variety of forms of the female breast, we can distinguish several basic types. Most of them have some of them, others are less common.

  • Classic breast shape– This breast shape is considered the standard that most manufacturers of underwear are focused on when creating new models of bras. Full and round breasts, with forward-facing nipples, are classics. Often, women with breast implants have the same bust shape. Advice on choosing a bra: any type of bra will fit this breast shape.
  • Asymmetric chest– The asymmetric shape of the bust means that the right and left breasts are of different sizes. This phenomenon is quite common. Often the difference is only one size, but in rare cases, it reaches 2 sizes or more. Such a significant difference can be associated with herbs or diseases that a woman suffered during the development of the mammary glands. Different sizes of the mammary glands can also cause menopause – under the influence of hormones, the breast can change its size.


In addition, if you are an athlete or the specific of your activity involves the constant work of a single-arm, this can also provoke a difference in the size of your mammary glands.

Breast ShapeTips for choosing a bra:

    • Almost all bra models are suitable for this breast shape. The main thing is to compensate for the difference in the size of the mammary glands with the help of special inserts that add volume to the breast, thus improving the shape of the bust. Determine in which part of the chest is not enough volume. Based on this, place the liner from below, on the side or even on top of the cup,
    • Some push-up bras come with removable liners. You just need to pull the liner out of one cup, so that the right and left breasts in the bodice will look the same,
    • contour cups (seamless cups with a small layer of foam) are suitable for asymmetric breasts, because they can visually align it even without inserts,
    • for women with a cup volume of E and more, bras are best suited for which the cup top is made of elastic fabric, which allows them to sit perfectly even if the right and left breasts are of different sizes,
    • Do not buy a plunge bra, as it can only emphasize the unevenness of the chest.

Conical Chest– The base of such a breast is usual, but rising to the nipples, it acquires a conical shape. This feature of the bust can lead to the fact that the chest will not completely fill the cup. Because of this, the cups of the bodice may look too large for the chest, although the bra bones will fit perfectly. The conical shape of the breast is usually not found in women with a breast volume of no more than C.

Tips for choosing a bra:

    • They will sit well and give the bust sophisticated shape bras with contour cups and a wide jumper,
    • On the bottom of the cups, you can put special inserts that will add volume to your chest and fill the free space in the cups,
    • A push-up bra is also suitable because it lifts the chest from below and from the side. Which visually makes it more voluminous, creating a beautiful hollow. A bust of volume A or B will look good in a push-up bra with tight cups. The main thing is to correctly position the chest in the cups so that the mammary glands form a beautiful hollow, gathered in the upper parts of the cups,
    • If your breast size is C or larger, then a minimizer bra will also suit you. He will give the chest a more rounded shape because its design is designed specifically to give the bust elegant flowing lines,
    • A bandeau bra will also be appropriate for a conical breast shape. It compresses the chest slightly, making it more rounded. However, because of this, the breast can look much smaller than it actually is. Therefore, it is best to choose a bandeau with bones and a little tight cups,
    • A compression sports bra will also give a rounded shape to the chest,
    • Do not buy pitted bras, because they will not be able to provide a good shape for your bust.

Incomplete breast – The base of such a breast is slightly smaller than that of a classic bust. The peculiarity of this form is that the mammary glands are quite long, but incomplete. Because of this, they do not completely fill the bra cups. In ordinary bodices, the diameter of the bones is often too wide for this breast shape. Because of this, ordinary bras will sit slightly below the bust itself, which, you see, is not very convenient. As a rule, breast size of such a rare form does not exceed C. Pay attention to the figure on the right, thanks to the tan lines; it is clearly visible that the bones are located much lower than the chest itself. Most women with this form of the bust have a very wide distance between the right and left breasts, so they cannot form an even and beautiful hollow.

Tips for choosing a bra:

    • regular underwired bras will not fit this breast shape. The end of the bones may fall in the middle of the chest and tingle it.
    • soft bras (pitted) are a good option, but they don’t give the breast the desired shape.
    • push-up bras will give the best shape to this breast shape.
    • it is advisable to use additional pads from the bottom and sides of the cups with a push-up bra.
    • visually increase the volume of the breast will help the same inserts in almost any bra model.
    • dense foam cups not only give your breast a more rounded shape but also hide the fact that the breast does not fill the cups completely.
    • A plunge bra is also suitable because its bones are not located as high on the sternum as in ordinary bodices. So this model sits more comfortably.
    • A bandeau and compression sports bra can give your breast a slightly rounded shape. But it may not look so voluminous due to compression.
  • Breast Form “Omega” – This breast shape got its name from the inverted omega symbol – Ω – and corresponds to a bust of volume D and above. In some cases, such a breast is also called spherical. Often this form of bust appears due to the long-wearing of an incorrectly selected model of a bra. Typically, the base of the breast (the place where the mammary glands connect to the chest) is the same size as the entire breast. But sometimes there are times when the breasts expand to the nipple. Just imagine the shape that will turn out if you put a big tennis ball in your sock – the effect is the same. This feature of the breast is not congenital; in addition, it is a rather rare phenomenon. The main difficulties when choosing a bra for omega-shaped breasts. That are to find enough roomy cups with a suitable diameter of pits that would support your breasts well. Let’s draw an analogy – imagine if you cover a tennis ball with a cup. The ball will fill only its upper part, and inside there will be avoided. The same thing happens with an omega-shaped bust. Even if the cups of the bodice are the right size to accommodate such a voluminous chest. The size of the bones will be too large, which is why the bra will slip down, causing pain and discomfort. Moreover, too wide bones can touch the armpits or interfere with the arms when moving. There are several reasons why a voluminous breast turns into an omega-shaped one if for several years a woman: wore the wrong bodice size; low-quality bras or bodices that do not provide the necessary support; too often she went without a bra at all; constantly gaining or losing weight.

Tips for choosing a bra:

    • Bras with cups with seams consisting of 3–4 to 4 parts (especially with side support inserts) will provide your bust with good shape and support. This type of bodice will allow you to achieve a beautiful hollow between the right and left breasts,
    • choose bras with tight rather than elastic cups,
    • Bras with inserts on the sides raise the chest, directing it forward. Thus, the bust does not interfere with the arms when moving,
    • bodices with full-sized cups are the best choice, because it fully holds the chest, lifting it along with it,
    • You can choose a model of planks,
    • bras with soft cups (pitted) will sit well, but will not shape the breast,
    • Try not to buy contour or modelling cups. Such bodices will not sit well and will not provide your bust with appropriate support. The exceptions are models from brands specializing in lingerie for women with curvy shapes, cupless bras, bandeau, and other models that are not suitable to form breasts are also not ideal for omega-shaped breasts. They will not give her the necessary form and support.


The mammary glands are held on the chest using special ligaments, also called Cooper ligaments. There are no muscles that could be pumped up to lift the bust when it begins to sag. This is due to the fact that the ligaments stretch over time.

To slow down this process, you need to provide the breast with good support, making it move less during the day. In addition, you need to wear special sports bras with a suitable degree of support during training.

Below are 4 types of breast location, which are considered the most common. It is worth noting that these positions appear in women throughout life.

Self-supporting breasts

Looking at such a bust in profile. You can see that the lower part of this breast shape is directly perpendicular to the chest wall. She does not need additional support in the form of a bra. But you need to wear it to maintain a beautiful shape and location. This breast shape is typical for girls after puberty, as well as for women with implants.

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