When to Buy a Nursing Bra

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When to Buy a Nursing Bra

Your body will begin to get ready by producing milk just before you give birth. When you are approximately 8 months pregnant, your breasts will be stable enough to fit into a nursing bra. This will probably become the standard bra you’ll use when nursing your baby. Selecting a supportive and well-fitting nursing bra is necessary for your comfort when your body experiences change during your breastfeeding period.


There are a lot of ups and downs during breastfeeding. You may pass through some engorgement and discomfort a few days after giving birth, and soreness as you begin breastfeeding. That is just one of the reasons why you should buy a nursing bra. While at it, go for one that fits well, is comfortable, and makes it possible for easy nursing.

Even though you might get tempted to get a larger one, nursing bras are worth the money. Not only do they make it possible for effective nursing, but they also have additional features that were created with new nursing mothers in mind.

What is a nursing bra?

A nursing bra is a specialized bra that gives more support to nursing women and enhances comfortable breastfeeding without a mother needing to take off the bra. This is made possible by specially designed bra cups that have flaps that mothers can use one hand to open so that the baby can be fed. Usually, the flap is held closed with a simple clasp or hook.

What to look for when you want to buy a nursing bra

As you breastfeeding your baby, the best nursing bra can make a major difference in your breastfeeding experience. Each pair of nursing breasts vary, therefore, you will need to carry out some research into your preferences, needs, and size.

Some things you need to look out for when buying a nursing bra are:

  • Comfort: This is very important now more than ever; you will want a nursing bra that you can comfortably spend several hours or the entire day in.
  • Extra hooks: There are nursing bras that have up to six columns of hook and eye closures that adjust to fit your seemingly ever-changing breast size.
  • Lining and padding: Even if you have big breasts, you may appreciate a light padding when you begin nursing your baby because it will help absorb any milk leakage.

Some different kinds of nursing bras to consider include:

  • Clip-down cups: They are made up of cups that you can easily unclip during pumping or feeding time to give baby easy access and skin-to-skin contact. Select one that you can clip and unclip easily with one-handed, so you can hold the baby while doing it.
  • Pull-down styles: These nursing bras are always bralette, wrap designs that you easily pull over your head with no clip closures. The fabric is stretchy and produced to be pulled out of the way for feedings. A lot of bras used for sleeping are pull-down style to provide comfort and ease.
  • So when you want to Buy a Nursing Bra, look for what is convenient for you.

How many bra sizes increase during pregnancy?

Putting on a bra that is too small for you can be very uncomfortable. It is hard to determine the degree of changes your breasts will experience throughout the entire maternity and nursing period because the body of every woman is unique and will surely change differently.

Some nursing mothers only gain one cup size, while others raise the quantity by three or more cup sizes. Due to this, wearing well-designed bras and tank tops that will adapt to the changing shape of your body and provide a comfortable experience is beneficial.

As you spend the day, the best option will be to put on a comfortable seam-free, wire-free, and supportive nursing bra. You can begin wearing this type of bra during pregnancy when you outgrow your regular bras. As you commence nursing, bras with full drop cups will make it possible for you to breastfeed your baby easily and discreetly.

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How to know the right nursing bra size for you?

There are many several nursing bra styles available in the market, such as contour, seamless, plunge, sports, spacer, sleep, non-wired, wired, fuller bust, soft cup, and molded cups.

You must begin by considering your lifestyle before making a choice. You need to consider the types of clothes you often put on, if you are active, a stay at home mum or if you go to work. These factors will help to know the kind of bra that will work best for you.

Before you start,

  • Get a pen, paper, and measuring tape ready
  • Also, have a mirror ready
  • Put on a bra that is non-padded and shows your true shape
  • Measure your rib band and your cup size in centimeters

Step 1: Measuring your rib band

Put the measuring tape around your back and under your breasts. Look into the mirror to make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor along your back and under your breasts. The tape should be placed around your body without any fingers underneath the tape.

Step 2: Measuring your cup size

Determine the measurement around the fullest part of your breasts, over the area your nipple is. This is a looser measurement than that of a ribband. As you’re holding both ends of the tape with a single hand at the side of your breast, make use of your other free hand to press the measuring tape in between your breasts to your chest. This will give a more accurate cup size when you Buy a Nursing Bra.

How many nursing bras do I need?

Nursing mothers and professionals all agree that you will want a minimum of three nursing bras – one to wear, one to wash, and one to have in the drawer. You will feel confident knowing that you’re prepared for that spit-up that might happen unexpectedly, that leak, or just a simple reason, such as freshening up after putting one bra non-stop for the entire day.

In conclusion:

When you Buy a Nursing Bra, make sure it offers a convenient and comfortable way for breastfeeding mothers to nurse their babies while giving the support that their breasts need. Nursing bras come in various colors, with the most common being white, black, and nude.

These bras may have different opening styles to provide quick, one-handed access to the breast for the nursing mother, as she holds her baby. The hard part is in determining how to select a nursing bra size and style that is effective and easy for you to use.


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