What Panties And Bras Are In Fashion 2020?

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The most interesting Panties And Bras are hidden under clothes.

Moreover, it is this “most interesting” that largely determines the woman’s mood, how comfortable she feels during the day. It is no secret that putting on new, healthy,  beautiful underwear, the girl changes – shining eyes, proud posture will not leave indifferent any representative of the more vigorous sex. At the same time, the mod does not stand still, it is time to replenish the wardrobe with a new set, possibly, not one. What are the trends that brought us by 2020?

Fashionable lingerie – new trends 2020

For those who are tired of hard push-ups that are crushing bones, there is good news – the soft cup is returning to fashion again. Today’s trend welcomes naturalness, so you can safely choose transparent lace bras, as well as comfortable models from soft natural fabrics that can provide maximum comfort during the day. If you want something special, you can pay attention to the feminine boring halter sconces. They look exceptionally stylish with warm sweaters with a deep V-neck oversized jacket.

A novelty of this season is the newsletter that designers offer instead of a classic bra. Such models emphasize sexuality give an image of tenderness. They recommend wearing under voluminous sweaters with a wide neck, falling from the shoulder opening the lace, as well as with shirts and dresses.

The courageous decision in the field of fashion for underwear 2020 was the return of retro models. Vintage high-rise panties look incredibly sexy, besides this allows you to make the stomach flatter, plus legs longer. As for materials, peremptory leaders for sets of this type are satin and velvet.

For a casual look, the latest trends suggest choosing comfortable with concise underwear without any frills. Among the models of panties slips prevail, shorts seamless options are also relevant. The main requirement is that they do not stand out under clothing.

If convenience and practicality are welcomed in everyday life, then for special occasions, the 2020 fashion for underwear allows the most daring experiments – from flashy sexy models to delicate Provence sets with ruffles, bows, and luxurious floral ornaments. At the same time, designers insist that preference should be given to soft pleasant materials – polyester, chiffon, cotton, satin, polyamide, and velvet.

Women’s underwear 2020: color palette

In terms of colors for underwear in 2020, designers chose gentle pastel colors, designed to emphasize femininity. At the peak of fashion, panties and bras are beige, powdery, lavender, mint, gray, and peach. Due to the variety of styles, in this color scheme, you can buy a kit for both every day and for a special occasion. Moreover, it is necessary to select the color according to the tone of your skin.

Bras Are In Fashion
Bras Are In Fashion

For example, white-skinned girls should opt for underwear in beige, peach, nut shades. But owners of olive skin will prefer saturated colors – pink, purple, lime, orange.

Those who appreciate the classics should not refuse black, scarlet, Bordeaux, and caramel sets. They continue to be relevant. Also, among the fashionable novelties were floral prints lace patterns with appliqués.

By the way, Internet users periodically express the opinion that a woman should not always wear black lingerie. Allegedly, this negatively affects energy, women’s health, and can attract misfortune. This is no more than one of the opinions. Believe it or not, everyone decides for herself. However, it is black kits in many situations that look the most advantageous and luxurious.

How to choose underwear by type of figure?

Although underwear is not visible under clothing, its role in creating the image is invaluable. A correctly selected kit can hide flaws, emphasize advantages, give femininity and chic. It is advisable to choose underwear based on the type of figure.

For example, women with the “inverted triangle” body type are best suited to bras without tight inserts with hidden seams and different decor. If you want to draw attention to your chest, a push-up bra with narrow straps will do. The panties should visually increase the hips. It can be shorts or a model with ruffles, ruffles, or full side inserts.

Owners of the “pear” figure should pay attention to shorts with a medium fit and not too full sidewalls. The Brazilian and models with transparent inserts on the sides look perfect. A push-up bra trimmed with ruffles or lace will help balance the upper part.

Apple girls will be able to divert attention from the abdomen and emphasize the magnificent chest by choosing a bra with a soft cup on the bones. The lateral cuts of the sconce will help to concentrate the crate beautifully. You can also experiment with bandeau bodices. To mask problem areas on the hips will help shorts. If a set for a dress is required, corrective underwear will come to the rescue.

To round off a boyish figure of the “rectangle” type, stylists recommend balconies, push-up bras, corset-type underwear, thong or bikini panties with a large number of frills, ribbons or another decor.

When choosing underwear, owners of the hourglass figure must pay special attention to observing the proportions of the top and bottom. The tight-fitting models with a deep neckline of the bodice look especially advantageous.

Special Occasion Underwear

It is essential to understand which particular case is called “special.” It can be a romantic date, a wedding, and an important event. For each of these situations, “your” underwear is required.

So, if a bra and panties are selected for an evening dress, special attention should be paid to comfort and a good fit. Usually, festive events last long enough, and sliding straps or rubbing seams can deliver a lot of unpleasant minutes.

In this case, even if you have a perfect figure, it is worth considering the option of corrective underwear, if necessary – purchase silicone pads or a bra with several options for attaching a strapless. It is also essential to pay attention to the color and texture of the kit – translucent or bulging details will not add elegance to the image.

If we are talking about a romantic date, underwear should look sexy and playful, emphasize the dignity of the figure and mask defects as much as possible. In terms of fabric, lace, silk, velvet, and satin should be preferred. These fabrics are luxurious in themselves, cause a desire to touch and adjust to the appropriate mood, a variety of finishes will give the image lightness and sexuality. It is essential to understand that excessive jewelry will distract attention from the main thing. Therefore, it is worth observing the measure.

And another critical point – regardless of the occasion, “special” underwear should be of high quality. Disheveled threads, uneven seams, another marriage will spoil the impression of the most beautiful-looking kit.

How to care for underwear?

It is no secret that a high-quality Panties And Bras are an expensive pleasure. For things to serve as long as possible, preserving the shape and brightness of the color, they must be adequately looked after. And the main rule here is to strictly follow the recommendations on the product label, which indicates what can and cannot be done with products made from one or another material. If the name is cut and discarded, use the general recommendations.

So, almost any underwear except thermal sets, pajamas, nightgowns, and body, it recommends washing by hand. The exception is cotton underpants and bras, which allow the use of machine wash on a delicate mode at temperatures up to 50 ° C. At the same time, it will be useful to buy unique covers and wash items from natural fabrics separately from synthetic ones, as well as to separate wardrobe items by colors. With silk, acrylic, elastic, polyester fiber, acetate fabrics, it is better to use only hand wash. The same goes for linen with a lot of decors.

wash by hand

For hand washing  Panties And Bras, it is necessary to choose the right powder. Liquid gel products that dissolve better than granular formulations are best. The use of chlorine bleaches and other aggressive drugs is not suitable categorically.

Squeeze the washed underwear carefully, without twisting into a bundle. Otherwise, bras may lose its shape. Wet products spread out and gently hung or placed on the board. Battery drying will not help keep things attractive, especially when it comes to elasticity.

Is it possible to iron a particular underwear model, which is indicated on the label? As a rule, artificial silk, acetate fabrics, and also cotton are allowed to be “treated” with a warm iron. In other cases, it is easier to dry it correctly.

How to store underwear?

There are several ways to store underwear, and the choice depends on the amount of space in the closet. It is best to store expensive kits on special hangers (plastic or soft), which can be seen in the windows of the respective stores. As a rule, such a product seal with linen. To protect against dust and contact with other things, you can buy fabric covers.

No less effective way of storage – in organizers with a rigid body designed for the transport of bras. Thus, things will retain their shape and not be remembered. For panties, there are also individual organizers in the form of square cells made of plastic and other materials. In some models of cabinets or chests of drawers, this design provides already.

If a drawer in the dresser reserve for underwear, you can store bras by putting one into the other. The main advantage of the method is the simplicity of finding the desired model. At the same time, you need to make sure that the cups do not fit too tightly together, and the straps do not twist. Otherwise, there is a risk that delicate wardrobe items will lose their shape. 

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