Useful Shopping: 7 Good Reasons To Urgently Buy A New Bra?

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Why You Should Urgently Buy A New Bra

We girls, for the most part, love shopping for new underwear. No, not all and without exception, whatever the stereotypes say! But often buying new things can coolly cheer up and even self-esteem. Here are just among the abundance of things that are so requested at the cash desk, we pay undeservedly little attention to something. For example, bras! But you need to update them much more often than shoes, dresses or applications on your smartphone. To prove this, there are 7 good reasons why you shouldn’t put off a visit to the lingerie store!

Believe me: do not wait until the thread comes out of the bra before running to the store for a new one. Such a delicate wardrobe detail, like a brassiere, deserves close attention, care, and frequent changes. After all, she is constantly in contact with the most delicate parts of your body and even able to affect women’s health. So comfort is above all. And if you recognize yourself and your brain at least one of the points below, it’s time to go shopping immediately!

Reason 1: you have lost weight or gained weight

Even if it seems to you that after a diet or a long “satisfying” winter, the breast size has remained the same, most likely, this is not so. The bust is almost entirely composed of adipose tissue, so any weight fluctuation instantly affects the contents of your bra. So, changing the diet or after a month of training in the gym, do not forget to go to try on new clothes. And even try a new size.

Reason 2: Your Bra Stretched Out

No, this does not mean that he drowsily dangles under his clothes. You may not even notice these changes. But note: if you constantly pull up the straps higher and higher, then you urgently need to go shopping. After all, such a bra can no longer provide sufficient support.

Reason 3: traces of socks are becoming more apparent

A quality bra can really last for years. Under proper care conditions: Hand wash and dry naturally. But if the gum is visible on the linen, and the cups look crumpled (“wrinkled”) from the inside – such a bra should be urgently retired! its time to buy a new brassiere.

Reason 4: something is wrong with the straps

Are you constantly correcting the “spicy” shoulder strap that has jumped off your shoulder? Do the straps leave red furrows on your skin? Do you always tighten the straps as much as possible or weaken as much as possible? All of the above signs indicate that this bra is not suitable for you. Perhaps you did not pay attention, but the bras differ not only in the size of the cup but also in the long strapless. Spend a little more time in the store while trying on, so as not to regret the choice. Or purchase an extra pair of universal straps for a New Bra.


Reason 5: Incomplete “coverage”

You may like the effect when the chest tries to flirt cohesively out of the bra, but this is not particularly beneficial for your health. Cups should support (not overwhelm!) The glands and cover them as much as possible. Take a closer look at the area under your hands: if you find there a solid fold of leather over the strap, buying new bras is necessary.

Reason 6: poor fit

We are all different and our breasts are the same. But in any case, take a closer look: the center of the bra should be exactly in the center of your chest, not a centimeter to the side. Otherwise, this can lead to improper distribution of the load on the muscles and health problems in the future.

Reason 7: you are uncomfortable

The only really important parameter when choosing a bra is comfort. Not a brand, not a print or lace, but comfort. Ideally, you should not feel the presence of underwear on your body at all during the day. So, if you constantly adjust the straps or manually convince the chest to “sit still” – this bra should urgently look for a replacement. No matter how beautiful he is. Or, at least, leave it only for special occasions.

Additional Knowledge: A little about women’s breasts & bras

The female body is beautiful in itself. But women do not get tired in efforts to make it even more beautiful. And in this matter, they have a whole army of assistants. They already know how cool even such trifles as a beautiful bra can increase self-esteem. And for the effect to be comparable to a bomb, lingerie, like clothes, you need to choose to take into account the characteristics of your beautiful body.

Of course, we are all individuals. But professionals in the tailoring and selection of women’s underwear have long identified 7 main forms of the bust that are most common in women. For maximum comfort, not without an aesthetic component, they recommend that ladies select linen not only in size but also taking into account the characteristics of each of the presented forms.

Examine yourself in the mirror, perhaps you are a happy owner…

1. Round chest

Such breasts have the same fullness from above, below and on the sides, so she does not really need additional support. Pay attention to soft bras without push-ups that emphasize the natural beauty of the forms.

2. “West and East”

The breast with nipples pointing in different directions is one of the most common forms in the world. Experts recommend a closer look at the bodices with a small push-up in the side of the cups. They will help to form a “hollow” desired by many ladies without overload and unnecessary support.

3. Chest with lateral fullness

There is also a distance between the breasts, but from the previous type, the owners of such forms differ, as a rule, in the large size of the cup. The ideal choice is busts of the plunge type, which allow you to make a seductive neckline and look great even in dresses with a frank neckline.

4. “Tear”

The chest, which is characterized by a lower volume and fullness than the top is also one of the most common types. Good news: any bra will emphasize such forms favorably.

5. Subtle

In addition to the elegant size, they are distinguished by some elongation. Try on bodices with a deep neckline, push-up and a wide elastic band (support) under the chest. A new brassiere and any outfit on you will look like a royal!

6. Light asymmetry

Small asymmetry is the norm of a healthy human body. But girls with not exactly the same breasts often fall prey to a mountain of complexes. Do not worry, you are beautiful! A slight inequality is easily corrected with a bra with removable pads. Leave the liner in only one cup – and no problem.

A new bra helps For your rich forms, choose a classic design with good support. And lace inserts on top emphasize the seductiveness of the figure.

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