Underwire Or Pitted Bra – What To Choose?

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Many models of bras with Underwire have sewn metal or plastic bones, otherwise, they are called frames. These rigid elements look like semicircles and are inserted into the lower part of the bra cups so that the cups acquire a rounded shape and provide better support for the chest. Thanks to these metal frames, the chest (especially the big one) takes on a beautiful shape. The bra on the frames usually sits much more spectacularly than without pits.

Modern bones are very comfortable and cannot be compared with the frames of past years. If you have chosen the right bra size, then the bones will neatly surround your chest and will not cause even the slightest discomfort. The inconvenience can occur only if the bra is large or small, as well as when choosing low-quality underwear. In products of good brands, the ends of the arches are firmly fixed and cannot pierce the fabric under any circumstances. The exception is if you wash your bra in a washing machine, for example, with jeans. With this “care”, not only the laundry but also the machine will be damaged).

Some women after using bras on skeletons complain of red marks on the body. You can often find negative reviews due to circulatory disorders or crushing of the chest. All this is the result of an improperly selected product, usually too small in volume or size.

A good bra of the right size will bring you nothing but comfort and the pleasure of wearing it.

Soft Pad for Added Comfort

All modern Underwire linen with frames necessarily have a soft backing – so hard elements are not felt at all and do not touch the body directly. Wearing such bras is a pleasure, especially if you compare them with early underwired models. The first prototype of the underwired bra can be considered a modified corset – it was a rigid plate that follows the shape of the body under the chest. This plate was hooked to the X-shaped straps on the shoulders. The product was patented in 1983 but did not receive popularity.

The first frames of the modern type began to be made in the 1930s from hardwire, they were very uncomfortable, hurt and received negative reviews from women. On some models of these bras, even cups were made of wire, which was wound like a web. Of course, not a single woman wanted to wear such designs. A curious story is with American director Howard Hughes, who created a wireframe specifically for the filming of Jane Russell in his film, hoping that this bra will better emphasize the actress’s chest. But the fixture brought terrible pain and seemed very ridiculous, so Jane Russell secretly wore her usual bra. Today, this wireframe can be seen at the Hollywood Museum.

Over time, the bones improved until they became as comfortable as possible. After which bras with frames took their rightful place in the assortment of underwear. They were widely used in the 1950s, for a reason this decade is called the time of elegant and beautiful women. After the final recognition of the frames, they began to make not only bras but also swimwear, dresses, and tops.

The Principle of the spring Or What Quality Bones Must Be

Modern bones for underwear must be smooth. Underwire usually, they are made of thin metal plates, wide cross-section wire, rubber or plastic. For the manufacture of metal frames, steel alloys are usually used, for plastic – the most solid types of plastic. A bra with these elements is able to provide good breast support due to the fact that the bones expand and neatly cover the entire chest when you put on the bra. Accordingly, after removing the laundry, these parts return to their original position, acting on the principle of a spring.

Sometimes the bones can break in the middle – this is due to an improperly selected bra. Too small frames do not support the weight of the chest, diverge too much to the sides and break. Sometimes a small bodice belt leads to the same result – the main weight falls on the arcs that break, not receiving proper support from the belt.

At the ends of modern bones, there are special plastic tips that protect the bra from tearing the fabric. But for the safety of such a bra, you need to carefully care for it. You can wash clothes with frames either manually or in the most delicate wash mode. For machine washing, it is better to use a special bag with a clasp – so there will be less chance of spoiling the bra, and if the bone comes out, at least it will not damage the washing machine.

Who Needs A Bra With Frames?

First of all, models with frames should pay attention to women with a large bust. Because it is they who suffer most from the load on the back and “complex” forms of the chest. For owners of curvaceous, models with special side inserts are released that maximize the breasts in place. This design allows you to move freely, reduces the bust to the center and makes it possible to wear tight things without fear of ugly bulges on the sides. Definitely, for a magnificent breast, such underwear is real salvation.

Owners of small breasts also love bras with hard elements, however, for another reason. It’s all about models with a push-up effect – in such products the frames are located somewhat differently, they raise the chest and push it a little forward. This position of the bones and special inserts in the lower part of the cups make the bust visually more voluminous.

The bones are so comfortable and so firmly integrated into the design of modern bras that even in most high-quality models for feeding there are hidden hard parts. They provide comfort and support to a significantly heavier bust. The variety of models helps to remain irresistible in the postpartum period.


Three Rules for Trying On a Bra with Underwire

  • The frame of the product should quietly and easily cover the lower part of the mammary gland;
  • Nothing should squeeze the skin, solid parts – do not press on a hollow or in the side, after fitting there are no traces;
  • The bones must be firmly and tightly sewn.

As you can see, underwired bras are not a whim of manufacturers, but a need to create good underwear that fits nicely and comfortably. Of course, there are always exceptions. We usually recommend that clients: if there are no other recommendations from a doctor, etc. Wear high-quality, well-sized underwired bras every day, but have at least one seedless bra in the wardrobe.

A bra without frames is convenient for home wear, for long trips. For example, to lie down at home in front of the TV, with a book or to sleep as comfortable as possible on an airplane or train.

The assortment of our store has the majority of underwired bras. But there are, of course, options without bones – and even for large breasts.

However, some women cannot wear underwired bras. This happens for various reasons: for someone, the chest has an increased sensitivity, which causes pain in the frames; for some, doctors are forbidden to wear such underwear, for example, after operations. Also, many women wear such bras only “on the way out”, preferring to wear simple models at home. Whether or not to wear bras with frames is up to you. To understand if you need this type of underwear. Try on a pitted bodice and put on your usual clothes from above.

If you are uncomfortable, or the breast shape needs to be adjusted. We recommend that you pay attention to models with rigid arcs.

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