Top 10 Tips For Not Ruining Your Bra


How not to Ruining Your Bra

We talked a lot about how to choose the right bra (not much about not Ruining Your brassiere) so that it is as comfortable as possible and meets all the requirements. Now let’s figure out how to take care of it in order to maintain its shape and color for as long as possible. Read on to find out 10 easy tips on how to make your Favorite bra last longer.

Tip 1: Alone in the field is not a warrior.

To stop Ruining Your bra Experts advise not to wear the same bra, very often. Not recommended even two days in a row. If this is your favorite bra, you are inseparable from it, wash it in the evening, throw it on the battery and put it on again in the morning, be ready to part with it very soon, because even the best bra will not withstand such loads. It’s best to buy some good bras and alternate them. So you will extend the life of everyone.

Tip 2: Combine correctly.

Long gone are the days when it was believed that harnesses from bras must be hidden from prying eyes. Today there are no clear instructions regarding what color a bra should be worn for a particular outfit. But still, you should be careful not to combine light underwear with dark or colored clothes. Why? The fabric of linen will become corny painted and will acquire an unsightly gray shade.

Tip 3: Often – it doesn’t mean well.

There is no consensus on the question of how often to wash a bra. But the most common answer is once every couple of days. In winter and autumn, a bra can be carried for about three to four days, if you are not very sweating. The main thing is not every day in a row. In summer, the bra should be washed more often.

Tip 4: Proper washing.

Single unsuccessful washing can easily ruin your favorite and most expensive laundry. Check out our recommendations in the article “How to wash a bra.” We are sure that you will gain a lot of new and useful information for yourself. In short, it is best to wash your bra by hand. If you don’t have such an opportunity, then when starting the washing machine, select the “gentle washing” mode. Do not wash white linen with black and colored items, clothes made from rough fabric. It is very important to fasten the bra hooks; this will keep it in shape. Use special laundry bags. Never spin and bra the tumble dryer!

Tip 5: Without air conditioning.

The fact that you need to choose a gentle powder for washing delicate fabrics, you probably heard. Even better if the powder is liquid! But do you know that the conditioner, which we add out of habit during washing, can harm the bra? It turns out that air conditioning softens the product fibers too much, they become less elastic. But on silk, air conditioning can leave stains.

Tip 6: No chlorine.

Our answer Read carefully the composition of the fabric. If it has elastic, bleach is not recommended. This will damage the fibers and the laundry will quickly stretch. If you need to return the bra to its former whiteness, you can use hydrogen peroxide.

Tip 7: After washing.

After you wash your laundry, it is best to place it on a flat surface where it can dry. It is not bad if you put a terry towel on this surface. Brassieres should not be hung, much less forgotten in the dryer – they can become deformed. It is very important not to turn the cups in the opposite direction.

Tip 8: Gentle drying.

Do not dry underwear on the battery or in direct sunlight. This will ruin the appearance of the bra. If this is cotton underwear, it will not be out of place to know that exposure to sunlight makes cotton less durable. Do not try to dry with iron or hairdryer. Synthetic fabrics begin to melt already at a temperature of 60 ° C.

Tip 9: Storage.

to prevent Ruining Your Bra think about Storing your bra properly is just as important as washing and drying. Therefore, remember that a sconce should never be stored when folded. Make sure both cups are open. A very good idea is the special coat hanger on which you can hang bras. It is important to maintain the shape of the bra not only because of the aesthetics. Braces on the bra can cause chronic chest injury, which entails more serious problems.

Tip 10: Transportation.

In the modern world, we rarely sit in one place for a long time. Ruining Your Bra During travel (not a good idea) and business trips, a special organizer will help you maintain perfect bra condition. If you don’t have one yet, then fold the bras so that the cups of each of them are on top of the sconces underneath. There is another simple rule – bras should be the last thing you pack. Make room for them in the upper zone in your suitcase.


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