The Whole Truth About Choosing Underwear?

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For the vast majority of girls, the algorithm for buying a bra looks something like this: I came to the store, chose the model or models that I liked, gave the consultant my size, measured and took what seems to look good. It would seem, where can a mistake creep in here? Meanwhile, after much shopping, most often we get an uncomfortable bra that all the time I want to fix. So where is the rake hidden?

1. You name numbers equal to your chest circumference

Girls often believe that a comfortable bra should be loose. Therefore, the number on the label should coincide with the volume of girth under the chest or differ upwards. That is, having received 73 centimeters when measuring, the girl is more likely to take a belt with the number 75, and not 70.

This is the most common misconception. In fact, too loose a belt becomes the cause of the most common inconvenience associated with wearing a bra.

It is the belt that is responsible for supporting the breast and takes on 90% of its weight. If he is too loose, the chest falls forward, the straps fall off – in general, sheer frustration.

2. You take your size as the ultimate given for life

But this is not so. The weight of a woman is variable, and with it, the volumes change. Breast is no exception. Even if you are not inclined to overeating and diets, the hormonal cycle still makes itself felt, and on different days of the same month, the sensations from the bra may be different: something that did not seem to cause discomfort yesterday, tomorrow you may want to switch to more loose hooks.

And manufacturers do not simplify the task for customers. Do not think that the bra 75C of one brand will be identical in size to the bra 75C of another brand. It may even differ from another model of the same brand! And even from the same model released in another batch. Some brands are small, while others are larger. Manufacturers change the composition of the fabric; use the wrong dyes as before. All this affects the properties of the product, its elasticity and, as a consequence, it’s fit. Therefore, women who buy underwear without trying on the principle of “this is my size” are at great risk.

Forget about the numbers on the label: it is the fit that we recommend you navigate when choosing a bra.

3. You fasten the bra to the tightest hooks

Most often, women explain this by leaving a margin in case they recover. At the same time, they forget that underwear is made using elastane. It is itself sensitive to changes in your weight: if you type a little, the bra will stretch itself.

The manufacturer lays several rows of hooks in order to increase the service life of the laundry. The logic here is very simple:

The belt should be tight to support the chest → over time, the belt stretches due to the presence of elastane in the fabric → you need to move it to stiffer hooks, and it will still perform its function

4. Do you think that only certain bra models are suitable for you?

And this myth is actively cultivated by advisers on the Internet who write instructions on which models will fit breasts in the shape of an apple or some other fruit.

Many women, tormented in search of a bra that would create their desired silhouette and be comfortable at the same time, come to the conclusion from the series: I just have such a problem chest, only a push-up/balconette / some specific bra is suitable for me a specific brand.

But this is definitely not the case. With the skills of linen literacy, you can collect an extensive linen wardrobe on any chest. From different models, you can give the appetizing shape of a very small chest (by the way, even without a push-up), you can raise a very large chest, emphasizing the shape, you can beautifully collect a wide-set chest, you can “fix” the straps on narrow sloping shoulders … In a word, a professional may not be limited to the framework of models and brands, he will be able to put any model on you.

5. You buy lingerie in the mass market

Yes, this often seems to be the only option, but alas: modern retail is completely not interested in offering lingerie for the needs of each client.

lingerieThink for yourself: there are approximately 4 billion women in the world… different complexions, types of figures, with different shapes and volumes of the chest. How many sizes of bras can a mass-market offer us?

The average is 16 with four belt sizes (65, 70, 75, 80) and four cups each (A, B, C, D). Does this mean that absolutely all women fit into this microscopic dimensional grid?

Of course not! Not even 9 out of 10.

In fact, the modern dimensional grid has more than 200 sizes, but retail is completely unprofitable to sell them. Buying so many sizes is a huge job: no manufacturer in the world produces a range of all sizes. In order to be able to serve customers from 60AA to 120J, as in a bra-fitting salon, you need to work hard and form an assortment of many brands. Not a single mass-market store is ready for such work.

Therefore, even having the basic skills of linen literacy, shoppers often have nowhere to apply them. What is the use of knowing that your starting size is 65NN if it is not available in any store in the access area?

Independently choose a bra that fits perfectly on you, will be comfortable, emphasize or adjust the silhouette and at the same time will meet specific tasks – to match a dress code, fit under an evening dress, arouse the interest of the opposite sex or to fix the chest during sports – this is a difficult process in which many details have to be taken into account.

Like other complex tasks, it makes sense to entrust this to a professional.

Bra fitting – a reliable and profitable way to choose a bra

Every woman is worth a visit to the bra-fitting salon at least once in her life. This is the very way to choose the right clothes for every day or for a special occasion, which guarantees the result, saves your nerves and, oddly enough, money. Think about how much you’ve already paid for bras that cause you to inconvenience every day? Perhaps it makes sense to trust a professional who will expand your understanding of underwear, help you choose what is really comfortable for you, and teach you to achieve an ideal fit on your own.

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