Teenager’s 10 Common Questions About Breasts And Bras?

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Questions About Breasts And Bras top 10 questions asked by adolescent girls

Que: Is it true that breasts do not grow from some bras?

Ans: It is not true. It is also not true that if you do not wear breasts And Bras; your chest will hang and will be ugly. Wearing or not wearing a bra is your personal decision. The main task of this type of underwear is to support the chest. When the breast grows, these are new sensations for you to get used to. And comfortable underwear will help you with this. Among the different forms of bras, you have to choose the one in which you will be more comfortable.

Que: What forms of bras are suitable for girls?

Ans: Choose a comfortable and convenient form. Typically, stores have underwear departments for teenagers. Mom, a sales assistant or any adult you trust, will tell you where to find the right underwear.

Classic (pitted bra with a closed soft cup). Sconce, push-up (bras that add extra volume with the help of foam inserts in the bra cups). Bustier (underwired bra with removable straps). Bra with soft cups on the bones (the cup consists only of fabric, without forming elements). Sports bra (special underwear for sports from thick fabric, it is not designed to be worn every day).

Que: Do I need to sleep in a bra at night?

Ans: It’s not obligatory. Usually, girls and women take it off for the night. But while your chest is growing, and you feel pain or discomfort at night – you can sleep in a bra that is comfortable for you.

Que: How to say – bra or corset?

You can use both of these words. “Bra” is a German word that is more formal and literally means “supporting breasts”. “Corset” – the diminutive form of the word “bodice” – it means the upper part of the women’s dress, covering the back and chest. “Bra” is quite used in colloquial speech.

Que: How to tell mom that I need a bra?

Ans: Many girls are shy about telling mom, really; especially, if you have not yet addressed this topic in your conversations. But when your breasts began to grow, and you feel that you have to go to the store for a bra, you need to have the courage and tell your mother directly: “Mom, my breasts have begun to grow – I need comfortable underwear.” Choose with your mom or any adult you trust in the store two or three options. Over time, you will understand which form of bras is most comfortable for you.

Que: If one breast is larger than the other – is it bad?

Ans: Do not worry; this is normal and completely not bad. You grow; your breast does not grow and change at the same time, like everything in our body. Over time, when breast development has complete, you will not see this difference in size – very many women have one breast imperceptibly different from another. But no one, except themselves, does not notice this, believe me. If at the stage of breast growth you are confused by the difference or it seems to you that the difference is noticeable to others, put on a bra of the “sconce” shape with foam or silicone inserts – with their help you will correct the temporary difference in size.

Que: Are there any chest injuries?

Ans: There are, like any part of the body. Injuries more often occur – from an accidental hit, from hitting the ball during sports games. While your chest is growing, it can be too painful and sensitive – this is normal. Therefore, during active games or sports activities wear sports underwear – it protects. For contact sports there is a sports protection for the chest – ask your coach about this. If you fell on your chest, hit a bruise on your chest; tell your mom or any adult you trust about this. There is nothing wrong with this bruise and bruise; an adult will simply tell you how to get rid of it faster or better or reduce uncomfortable sensations. As a rule, the treatment of a bruise and a bruise in the chest is no different from a bruise in any other part of the body.

Que? What to do if staring at my chest?

Ans: What to do, the chest has always been an object of interest – see how many great sculptures and paintings are dedicated to the chest! If you are confused by the views of others, fold your arms over your chest or take books in front of you to close your chest from unpleasant looks. If you feel obsessive in your eyes, look away or, if possible, move to another place. This does not help, be sure to tell the adult you trust about it.

Que: I have hair on my nipples! This is normal?

Ans: This is normal! Every person of any age — girls and boys, girls and boys, men and women — has body hair. A person has no hair only on the feet and hands, on all other parts of the body there is. Therefore, several hairs on the girl’s nipples are quite normal, do not worry. If you have questions about hairs all over your body, you can talk to your mom or your doctor. The only hair that a girl should show the doctor is dark dense hairs on her chest and face. During the transitional age, your hormonal background changes, your body rebuilds – the doctor will tell you how to normalize this hormonal background.


Que: Can underwire bras develop breast cancer?

Ans: Cannot. Breast cancer develops due to the growth of cancer cells inside, and it is still not known for certain why this happens. Doctors call the most likely causes hormonal disorders in the body, being overweight, or if one of the relatives had this type of cancer. The form of a bra does not provoke this disease.

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