Modern Types Of Underwear: Features Of Cut And Recommendations For Choice?

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Considering such a part of the women’s wardrobe as underwear, one cannot but mention its significance. It would seem that no one sees him. Then what’s the difference what is hidden under the clothes. The exception is probably only intimate moments. However, even in everyday life, underwear has a huge impact on the psychological state of a woman and on her appearance. Firstly, inconvenient and beautiful linen, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity feels much more confident and comfortable. And secondly, even the most sophisticated outfit will not look good if you wear bad clothes under it.

Modern fashion is so democratic that it is impossible to pinpoint the most relevant types of underwear. Absolutely everything is allowed if only the kit was correctly selected. On the one hand, this makes life easier, and on the other, it complicates it. Indeed, over the past few centuries, mankind has come up with so many models and styles that it’s quite difficult to figure them out. And yet, let’s try.


No one will argue with the fact that the most important part of any women’s outfit is a bra. The way the clothes “sit down” largely depends on its shape.

Choosing bras is based on the size of the chest and the form of clothing under which he will be worn. It is especially important to correctly determine the size of the bra cup, so that the model supports the chest well, hiding imperfections and emphasizing the advantages.

The volume of the bra should correspond to the volume of the chest directly under the mammary gland. You can measure it with a centimeter tape. The cup size determined by the girth of the most prominent points of the chest and then checked with the size chart of the respective manufacturer.

So, let’s look at the main types of bras and decide in which cases it is better for them to give preference. We classified bras according to the following criteria: cup density, design, and model.

Cup density

  • Dense (molded cup) – is most often made of foam rubber, repeats the shape of the chest and adjusts it. It can perform with or without seams. Depending on the model and the thickness of the cup, the owner of such a bra can add 1-2 breast sizes. Modern technologies make it possible to make a cup with different wall thicknesses, achieving this push-up effect without the use of inserts.
  • Soft cup – can be made of cotton or other elastic fabrics. Easily fits the chest, allowing the skin to breathe and feel more natural and comfortable. Good for wearing in the warmer months.
  • Half – foam – the bottom of such a cup is made of thin foam, and the top is decorated with a translucent fabric or lace. Such a cup is a kind of compromise between a molded and a soft cup. It supports the breasts, slightly adjusts the shape, not allowing the nipples to stand out, and at the same time maintains a feminine image thanks to the lace trim.

Bra design

  • Boneless bra – provides minimal breast support. Such a bra is convenient for playing sports and using by women with especially sensitive skin, who are uncomfortable wearing a bra with bones. A bra with this design uses soft or slightly sealed cups.
  • An underwired bra is the most popular bra design. Semicircular bones help shape the chest by collecting and lifting it. In such a bra cups of any density can use. It is suitable for all breast sizes. When choosing such a bra design, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the bone does not squeeze the mammary gland, but is under it. This will avoid injuries to the mammary gland and related diseases.
  • Seamless bra – in such a bra there are no seams on the cup, so it does not stand out under thin and tight-fitting clothes. Cups in such a bra can be either soft or dense. In the manufacture of a dense cup, it is pulled by a special technology so that it repeats the shape of the chest. Suitable for owners of small and medium breasts.
  • A bra with seams – the whole secret is that the more details there are in a bra, the better it supports. This is especially true for large-breasted women who know that in the right bra for large breasts there is always a large number of stitches, due to which the designers achieve the correct fit and distribution of the volume of the breast. Of course, these are flat seams that are comfortable to wear and outwardly do not attract attention. Suitable for breasts of any size.
  • Bra for a tank top – straps of such a bra cross on the back, allowing you to wear them with t-shirts.
  • Transformer bra – in this bra you can fasten straps in different ways: on the back, neck, one shoulder. The straps can also remove. Movable can be not only straps but also side parts with a fastener. They allow you to lower the rear jumper of the bra if you need to show an open back.
  • Invisible bra (air bra / invisible bra) – these are 2 silicone cups that are attached to your chest due to a special adhesive base. This bra is suitable for owners of small and medium breasts. It will come in handy when you need to wear an open dress. But it is definitely not suitable for everyday wear, as it does not allow the skin to breathe and the chest under it sweats.

Bra Models

  • Classic bra (full cup bra) – cups of such a bra completely cover the chest. It is most comfortable to wear, provides good support. Suitable for any breast.
  • Angelica – this model is almost always based on a horizontal stripe, the cups are very open, the straps are located at the extreme points of the cup and most often come unfastened. This model is very popular among women, since raising the chest from the bottom, significantly opens the upper part, allowing you to wear low-necked clothes. Suitable for owners of medium-sized breasts. “Angelica” bras include balconette, Corby and brasier models.
  • Balconette (balconette) – an open bra where the upper part of the cup is practically absent. It is a trend to wear under evening low-necked dresses and supports the chest from below, making it taller and more magnificent.
  • Corbey (korbeu) is another model that is suitable for lovers of a deep neckline. Here the upper part of the cup is, but it is very narrow.
  • The brasier is a type of open bras that slightly compresses the breasts from the sides, which makes it more magnificent and visually enlarges.
  • Push-up (push-up) – a model that “collects” the chest and a little pushing it forward. In such underwear, the bust seems more magnificent and larger. It can be worn with any clothes and is suitable for any size except, probably, the largest. In the lower part of the bra, as a rule, provides a pocket for pads. 
  • Minimizing bra – specially designed for large breasts. The special design provides good support by correctly redistributing the volume of the mammary glands, thereby reducing the load on the spine. A properly selected minimizing bra can visually reduce breasts by 1-2 sizes, without flattening it.
  • Bando – is a strip of elastic fabric without straps. 
  • Sports – during sports, it is important to firmly fix the chest and protect it from damage. It is for these purposes that design a sports bras. Made of elastic antibacterial tissues, they do not contain frames or hard parts that can damage the mammary gland. Such linen perfectly removes moisture and allows air to pass through. Most often made using seamless technology.
  • Second skin” – a bra with a soft cup, made of translucent fabric, most often flesh-colored, well-fitting chest and almost invisible under clothes. It is great for girls who don’t need breast shaping.
  • Triangle (triangle bra) – another model that is not designed to adjust. In fact, these are almost flat triangular cups with a small tuck from the bottom. This underwear is more suitable for women with small breasts.
  • The bustier is no longer quite a bra, but also not a corset. This product not only supports the chest but also corrects the entire upper body to the waist thanks to the elastic fabric and the special arrangement of the seams.

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