Eight models of bras that should be in any women’s wardrobe

A properly selected bra will add an image of elegance and elegance, while a mistake in the selection of underwear can lead to a fashionable failure. At the same time, avoiding it is quite simple if you have these 8 types of sconces in your wardrobe.

Despite the fact that many ladies are increasingly abandoning bras, trying to add a note of relaxation and sexuality to our image, we cannot deny the obvious: sconces are the basic thing of a women’s wardrobe, which cannot be neglected.

The British newspaper Daily Mail has estimated that an average woman has about 16 pairs of bras in her wardrobe. And no matter what era she lives in: in the distant 1950s or in the modern 2010s. The desire to emphasize the beauty of his chest is inherent in absolutely everyone.

But even if you have a hundred pairs of sconces in your wardrobe, the question is not the quantity, but what models it is. Below we described 8 varieties of bras that should be in the wardrobe of any modern woman.

1. Contour bra

Another name for this bra – T-shirt Bra – will come in handy for shopping abroad. As the name implies, this look was created to be worn under a classic blouse or t-shirt. If you want nothing extra to come out and shine out from under the classic shirt, then a smooth contour bra is what you need. This model ideally supports the chest and, as a rule, is not decorated with any details. Each of us should have at least one contour bra, but it’s better to get a few of these pairs in different colors. We wear a white or beige bra under light tops, and we put color under darker things. And remember: now it’s not fashionable for your sconce’s lace to appear in relief from under the fabric of your blouse.

2. Strapless Bra

If you have at least one dress with bare shoulders, then you just cannot do without an appropriate bra. A good strapless model tightly tightens and supports the chest and does not slip due to silicone inserts. We do not recommend saving on such a bra, as an incorrectly selected bra for an expensive evening dress can ruin the whole image. And the bra straps sticking out from under the dress are bad manners (even if it seems to you that it’s terribly sexy).

3. Transformer bra

In different collections, it is called differently: a transformer, a convertible sconce, a multifunctional sconce. But the essence is the same: the peculiarity of this model is that the straps can not only be unfastened but also fastened them anywhere; lengthen, to make re-stitching where it will not be visible under clothes. You can arrange the straps as wide and lower as possible, and then you can easily put on a dress with an open back. You can cross them on your back and put on a wrestling shirt. Today, such a bra is available to each of us at very affordable prices, and therefore to get at least one pair – a must. To make it clear how convenient this is, below are illustrations of a classic modern transformer bra (an example is taken from Debenhams).

4. U-plunge (bra-plunge bra with a U-neck)

This is very sexy but requires appropriate underwear. Such a style, of course, will make you irresistible, but not if you put on the first bra you get or go to a party without it. In order not to look vulgar, buy yourself at least one nude (so versatile) bra-plunge with a U-neck.

5. “Sticky” bra

Almost the only right option for a dress with a bareback! If your top or dress opens your back below the shoulder blades (or even lower), and if neither a transforming bra nor a plunge bra can save you, and the straps treacherously stick out from where you don’t need, no matter how you hide them, then to help you – “Sticky” bra, which is securely attached directly to the chest. Such a bra can be completely silicone. In both cases, such a bra will perfectly support the breast, giving it a sexy shape. But such a sconce also has a minus: it is conditionally reusable (approximately 25 outlets, subject to the manufacturer’s instructions). If you have to walk until the morning – it makes sense to change clothes.

6. Lace balconette

Lacy balconette is the most luxurious part of a sexy women’s wardrobe. And for the same reason, the road to the office is closed to him. But it is not intended to surprise colleagues or embarrass the authorities. Demonstrating sexy lingerie during a business lunch is also not a good solution. Preparing to spend an evening with our beloved, the first thing we think about is sexy lace lingerie that can turn the head of the most severe man. If you are brave enough, then you can try to put on a bright balcony under a transparent top. The wow effect is guaranteed!

7. Lace triangular bra

One of the most popular models of recent years, a triangular bra will help to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, it perfectly replaces the plunge and allows you to wear dresses with an open neckline, and secondly, it is a no less sexy alternative to lace balconies. This model carries the spirit of sexuality and youth, and therefore is perfect for young girls.

8. Bra with a back for “wrestling”

It is indispensable in the summer when we wear tops and sundresses with deep cuts in the armhole on the back (a la T-shirt wrestling). There can be many variations on the theme of such sconces – from strapless ones connected on the back, like on SPANX, to beautiful lace backs like on Fleur’t. In addition, the model with crossed straps on the back is ideal for sports and active walks. These sconces are fastened, as a rule, in the front, or do not have fasteners at all (pitted models) and are worn like a shirt over the top.



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