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Smart Bra

Over the centuries-old history of the evolution of the bra, he acquired various forms and functions.

There is just a bra-applicator, consisting of one cup. For lactating mothers – with overhead, valves for breast milk, for ladies with unusual shapes – seamless, with a dragging effect. Those who are less fortunate in this place will be saved by the Wonderbra miraculous bra, raising the chest and creating a piquant hollow—invented, even Air Bra! Due to the inflatable tabs at the touch of a button, the breast can be “pumped up” to the desired size.

It would seem that what else can think up? But engineering is not standing still.

“Want to get married!”

Triumph International, a Japanese lingerie company, has released a series of smart bras. A new generation bra is created to mobilize single ladies in search of a narrowed one.

And this is not a creative whim, but an attempt to solve a social problem. In Japan, where previously an unmarried woman over 25 was rare, today, 57 percent of women under 34 are single.

The linen is made of delicate lace in the form of a corset. A clock is set in the center of it, counting down to the day when the hostess set a goal to get married. In the timer, there is a slot for an engagement ring – you insert it, the clock stops, and Mendelssohn’s march plays.

Under the watch, the inscription “I am looking for a life partner” is embroidered. The bra has pockets for a handkerchief – to wipe away the tears of happiness, seals, and pens for signing a marriage declaration.

From the chest, from the charge

Another novelty is a solar-powered smart bra. You can charge a mobile phone or player from it if you wish; you can unfasten the energy source. Also, the bra is equipped with individual containers for mineral water. Dope, you say. But according to busy economic Japanese people, this is a super thing: you don’t lose time to buy and don’t leave garbage.

By the way, from the bra, you can not only drink but also eat. This toilet item, combining dishes and dishes, went on sale. Bra cups in this embodiment are used to store bowls. Conveniently – one for sushi, the second for miso soup. There is a place for personal sticks. This model is also designed for eco-goals.

Products in a bra

And here is a transforming bust called “No! Shopping Bag Bra »with a flick of the wrist, you can turn into an elegant silk roomy bag. It’s even hard to imagine what a lasting impression a woman can make in a supermarket, pulling off her bra and turning it in front of a fantastic audience into a grocery bag.

Reacts to a loved one

A novelty from the specialists of the Slovak company Lisca is a bra that responds to the desired man.

Smart bras equipped with heat-sensitive sensors detect a change in body temperature at the slightest sexual arousal. At the same time, he automatically raises his chest, which looks even more seductive. As soon as the love heat subsides, the breast takes on its previous shape.

Such a playful idea occurred to inventors when developing underwear that responded to weather changes. They assure: the bra not only makes the breasts beautiful but, unlike others, is good for health. It always takes the right shape, safe for the female breast. Accordingly, you need to wear it as often as possible.

Bust – USB Keyboard

The company Angel Kitty offers a bra in the form of a USB keyboard. All anatomical features of the female body are taken into account. For comfortable wearing on the chest, the inside of the keyboard bra is equipped with silicone inserts. It meets all the technical requirements. If it is laid out on a table, then through the USB port, you can connect to a computer and print.

There are many options for smart bras. For example, Tectonics Inc. offers a sports bra that measures the heart rate and pressure of its owner. There are GPS bras, with a radio signal about the attack, which allows you to calculate the location of a woman by her heart rate. “Remembering” the shape of the breast and even changing color at the time of ovulation.

The inventors are not going to stop and promise shortly to surprise with even more incredible new products.

Portable mammologist

Shortly, a bra that can detect breast cancer will appear on the market. This unusual linen was developed by the professor of the University of Bolton <Elias Siores>. Using the sensors built into it, you can detect the disease at an early stage.

In his unique invention, the scientist used a system of antennas of ultrashort waves that can capture the temperature in the chest. In places where tumors occur, blood circulation increases, so the temperature rises. So in certain areas of the chest, the bra analyzes the changes in blood circulation and makes its owner a diagnosis. If the problem exists, the bra will give its mistress an alarm. So, you need to contact a mammologist urgently.


By the way, the waves coming from the sensors are entirely harmless to the female body. The device is inexpensive, and the price of linen will not affect much.

From the history of the bra

The bra appeared to the world in 1907 in the Vogue magazine. But In 1889, French feminist Ermini Cadoll introduced the first bra at the World Exhibition in Paris. These were two cotton cups on the straps that replaced the corsets.

The first patented bra was in 1914 by the American Mary Phelps Jacob.

Until the 1920s, breast-reducing models prevailed. In the 30s, an immigrant from Russia, Ida Rosenthal, founded the Maidenform enterprise in the USA to produce bras with cups of different sizes.

In 1964, push-up was invented, tabs that add volume to the chest.

Also, In 1994, Wonderbra appeared – a model that helped to find a bust for all deprived.


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