How to extend the life of your underwear?

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In order for your favorite set of underwear to always look new and last as long as possible, you need to properly care for it. Today we will consider with you the rules for the care of underwear.

How to Wash Underwear?

You can find standard recommendations for linen care on the tag, which is located on the inside of the linen. The managers of the company made sure that the women who bought their product knew in what mode to wash, iron and dry clothes, taking into account the peculiarities of the material from which the bra or panties are made.

Most often, the manufacturer advises hand washing. Why? The structure of the cup seeds may not stand the machine wash, and not only the laundry but also the drum of the machine will fall out and spoil. Machine wash also spoils cups of molded foam, making them less thin and lose their original shape. As for the fasteners, they, in turn, can damage the lace during washing.

Machine wash

If you still prefer machine wash, remember that you need to wash underwear with the delicate mode, which performs the washing process without aggressive manipulations. It is recommended using liquid detergent for baby clothes during the washing process, as higher demands are placed on the products for children’s clothes and the minimum amount of substances that cause allergies or affect the breakdown of laundry components is used.

Another factor that affects the appearance of your laundry is bleach. It is advised to minimize or completely eliminate any bleaching agents in the washing of underwear. Since they kill elastin, which is in the fabric of linen – and your favorite bra will eventually turn into a sagging, stretched rag.

You must also consider the amount of powder added and the temperature of the water. If you think an abundance of powder will contribute to a better look. You are deeply mistaken! Too much detergent reduces the washing efficiency. The powder tends to dissolve poorly while leaving white marks on the fabric – you do not need this effect!

The machine wash temperature should not reach 30 degrees. For hand washing, comfortable water temperature for your hands will be enough – as a rule, it is 25 – 30 degrees. By adhering to this temperature, you will maintain tissue elasticity.

We wash underwear separately from the rest of the laundry. In the process of machine washing, jeans can reward our underwear with a bluish tint, and “beat” the molded cups of our bra with their weight. In addition, washed laundry may lose color or fade. A set of underwear is not only an expensive thing but also very delicate. Therefore, you should not risk it, which requires more delicate personal care.

How to Dry Underwear?

Drying clothes is necessary for a natural way, without exposing them to machine drying and without hanging on a hot battery. As we already said – elastin is a fragile thing and does not tolerate high temperatures. Hang your kit on a clothesline or dryer so that the air can approach it from all sides, ensuring uniform drying. If you live outside the city and you have the opportunity to dry your clothes on the street, do not miss this opportunity.

How to Iron Underwear?

Panties, as part of the laundry in contact with delicate parts of the body, must be ironed! There is an exception among lace underwear which does not include an elastomer; without ironing, the outfit on the body will be sloppy and not neat. Such linen needs to be ironed, but at the most minimal mode, so as not to burn the fabric.

If you do not want to waste time ironing, you can purchase underwear from materials that do not crease. For example, polyamide is a fabric that combines strength and breathing properties. Linen from this material does not wrinkle, does not fade, and does not sit down after washing.

How to Store Underwear?

As such, the rule does not exist. However, there are tips, following which you will only improve the condition of your underwear:

It is recommended not to fold the bra with dense cups and foam rubber in every possible way, but to store it on a hanger or in the unfolded form, leaning them on top of each other. If you fold the bra in half, one of the cups is deformed and you have to constantly align it, which will reduce the strength indicator of the material and its appearance;

  • Brassieres with cups must be stored “cup-in-cup” in the designated compartment. At the moment, there are a lot of organizers that contain not only bras but also panties;
  • Use dividers for underwear. With their help, you can easily divide sets by color or special occasion;
  • Panties must be stored in expanded form;
  • Aroma bags can be added to the laundry drawer.

And finally, we will decrypt you all the available icons that manufacturers put on the underwear labels. Knowing what the manufacturer recommends or does not recommend will help you understand how best to care for your underwear.

Using all the tips and tricks, you will be able to properly care for and wear your favorite set of underwear for as long as possible!

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