How to determine that a bra has become useless, even if it seems that it still looks good?

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What your bra has become

An ideal bra should reliably support the chest during active movements, slim and help maintain posture. And as soon as we find such a miracle, we instantly fall in love and happily wear it as often as we can afford. However, few people think that this item of underwear has its own life and may become unusable even before hooks begin to fly off from it.

We at Bright Side decided to find out when you need to change your favorite bra for a new one. And at the same time, we found out some secrets of leaving and choosing underwear.

The service life of a bra is primarily affected by how correctly sized. If the size is determined incorrectly, then not only discomfort but also painful sensations will be guaranteed. We already wrote about how to make the necessary measurements to determine your volume and cup size.

There are a few  tricks to help you choose a really suitable bra:

  • Forget about the rollers protruding from below. Only extremely slim girls are spared this trouble. A simple bra cannot fulfill its function if it is not firmly pressed to the body. If the size is chosen correctly, and the protruding parts are embarrassing, then you should choose a model with a wide belt.
  • The larger the chest, the wider the straps.
  • Always try on models of three adjacent sizes, especially if you decide to buy linen of a brand new to you.
  • Trying on a bra, lower the straps and bounce. If the landing is correct, then the cups will remain in place and continue to hold the chest.
  • And one more test: straighten your back, lower your shoulders and take a few deep breaths. If so you feel better than stooping, breathing free, and the straps are in place, then put the bra in the category of fit.

When the perfect bra is found, it is important not to go to extremes and not to use it every day: so it will become worthless after 2-3 months.


How to find out if a bra needs to be replaced?

  1. The two-finger rule– A perfectly fitting bra should not stick into the body: under the belt, that is, the lower horizontal bar, you can stick two fingers in, and a fist under the clasp. If these parameters are slightly increased, then the bra has stretched and it is time to replace it with a new one.
  2. Hooks – A suitably sized bra should not be fastened to the last hooks. As you use it, the fabric will stretch, and you will still have a small opportunity to extend the life of your laundry using additional fasteners. If you get to the last row, then, alas, the bra no longer supports your breasts properly.
  3. Upward movement – A well-fitted bra should standstill. Simply put, putting it on in the morning, you must forget about its existence. If with each movement, the bra tries to crawl up, then this is a sure sign of your soon separation.
  4. The circuit – A well-selected bra cup should delicately cover the chest, leaving no space. If the contour began to clearly protrude under any T-shirt, this means that the bra is stretched. It’s time to change it.
  5. Duration – The service life of a properly selected bra is proportional to the frequency of its use. Ideally, the wardrobe should have at least 4-5 constantly used bras, and then each of them will last at least a year.

How to extend the life of your beloved bra?

  • Before washing, fasten the hooks of the bra to maintain its shape.
  • It is better to wash clothes manually or in the special “gentle wash” mode. Do not squeeze and dry laundry in the machine.
  • It is not recommended to use bleaches if elastin is part of the material. This will damage the fibers and the laundry will quickly stretch.
  • If you still need to bleach a bra, you can use hydrogen peroxide, which will make the lace snow-white and bright.
  • Do not use conditioner for washing underwear. Such agents soften the fibers of the product too much.
  • If it is necessary to soften underwear, then a few drops of ordinary vinegar can be added to the washing water. Vinegar also helps preserve the brightness of colored linen.
  • In order for the laundry to have a pleasant smell, you can add a couple of drops of jasmine essential oil to the water during washing.
  • Lingerie with lace does not need to be wrong because it does not absorb water. After rinsing, it is enough to shake the product. In addition, after spinning, the laundry is stretched and deformed.
  • Do not dry underwear on the battery or in direct sunlight. This will ruin the appearance of the bra.
  • The bra should be stored unfolded or, crossing the cups, put one into the other. The main rule is not to bend the cups in the opposite direction to prevent deformation.

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