How to Choose a Silicone Bra?

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A beautiful bra with decor, straps, and a belt with a fastener is a familiar, aesthetic, and comfortable product that models the breasts and enhances female attractiveness. However, new fashion trends – open dresses with deep cuts and unusual models of clothes, exclude the possibility of using an everyday bra or not to wear a bra at all.

The wardrobe of a modern woman needs linen, which helps not only to give the bust a beautiful shape but will also be invisible to others. It is for such purposes that a self-adhesive silicone bra was developed. This garment does not just perform the functions of a bra – the silicone sconce differs from the usual bras in a number of advantages.

Despite the fact that silicone lingerie has arisen recently, this kind of bra has already managed to gain popularity among women. Lightweight, comfortable and imperceptible on the body, this bodice allows you to experiment with the image and look at the same time beautiful and relaxed.

Many girls, before buying a silicone sconce, ask questions – how to choose the right size, how to wear a silicone bra and take care of it, is it firmly attached to the body. We will try to reveal these and other nuances today.

Silicone Bra: Size

Unfortunately, trying on a silicone bra before purchase will not work. This is a personal item of clothing, it is securely packed and such linen can only be used individually. In this case, the question arises – how to choose a silicone bra and not make a mistake with the size?

There are four formats of silicone sconces – A, B, C and D, although the latter option is difficult to find on sale for large size D. To determine the size of a silicone bra, the first thing you should know is the parameters of your “regular” underwear. Next, select the appropriate option in accordance with the dimensional grid:

  • for small sizes 70B, 70A, silicone bodice A is suitable;
  • for 70C, 75B, 80A, cup B corresponds;
  • Parameters 75C, 80B, 85A correspond to silicone bra C;
  • for 75D, 80C, 85B choose a sconce of size D.

Also, before buying, it should be noted that silicone sconces made in China or Korea are small, so it is better to purchase a larger cup option. The silicone bra not only effectively centers the chest and gives it a beautiful rounded shape, but it also adds volume. The material from which the sconce is made follows the lines of the body well, but it is better to purchase a bra with a shape that closely follows the contours of the chest.


Silicone Bra Inserts

There is another element of silicone – lining in a bra. Inserts, unlike a full-fledged sconce made of the same material, are an auxiliary part that can not only increase the volume of the bust by 1-2 sizes but also help change the shape of the breast. In fact, these are two silicone parts that are placed in the cups of a regular bra.

Advantage of silicone inserts:

  • are safe;
  • hygienic;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • Lungs.

Silicone tabs lift and center the chest, helping to create a magnificent neckline, and model the bust.

Silicone does not absorb moisture, so inserts from this material can be used for a swimsuit instead of pads. In addition, silicone parts are easy to clean and dry quickly. Hypoallergenic material does not cause allergic reactions or discomfort.

Since silicone inserts have become very popular, designers delight buyers with new and improved models – for example, push up silicone elements with a pump that significantly increase the chest, and you can also find extravagant products with sequins or lace-up on sale.

Silicone Invisible Cups – Things to Know

Silicone sconce consists of cups, any other auxiliary elements – straps, belt or back closure – are absent. You can find a large number of design variations of silicone cups of various colors and textures. Thanks to the sticky surface, silicone underwear is attached directly to the skin.

Silicone cups hold tightly, but for those who are filled with fears about the reliability of a sconce without straps, manufacturers have developed models with the ability to attach straps and a back. Additional parts, if available, are also made of silicone – they are transparent and barely visible on the body.

Silicone BraThere are different types of silicone bras. Some models can be used only once, after which the adhesive layer becomes inactive. But the more popular variations are silicone sconces that can be used repeatedly – models with a powerful lock can withstand at least a hundred toes. Before buying, read the instructions – in it, manufacturers indicate the specificity of the fixing substance.

The silicone bodice is invisible even under the most revealing outfits, in addition, it is almost not felt on the body. Another advantage that girls celebrate is the push-up effect. Silicone cups model the breast well, center the bust, hide the nipples and give a beautiful rounded shape. However, it is worth considering that an ideal supporting effect is possible only for a medium or small bust.

Do not forget that silicone sconce is not linen for every day. The material of which the bodice is made does not let air through, so the skin under the bra can sweat. Silicone cups can be worn for no more than 6 hours, longer use is considered harmful. Be careful during the hot season – during heavy sweating during prolonged use, the bodice may come off.

How to Clean And Store Silicone Cups?

In order for the silicone bra to last longer, you should adhere to several recommendations for caring for the bodice. It is not difficult to take care of such linen:

Each cup is wrapped in a thin film, which prevents the adhesive from deteriorating on the inside. After using the laundry, the protective cover should be applied to the bra again.

How to wash a bra: from time to time wash silicone cups with warm water and soap. Do not use brushes to clean the sconces.

After you have washed the cups, do not wipe them with a towel. Silicone underwear should dry on its own. Any contact of the fixing surface with the fabric can cause the sconce to not stick. While the bra dries in the open air, cover it with a cloth so that dust does not get on the adhesive surface.

Do not wash silicone bra or use alcohol-containing liquids for cleaning.

Silicone pads are sold in special packaging, which is best not to throw away after purchase. Keep the silicone bra in its original case to protect the cups from deformation.

How to Wear Silicone Bodice?

The basis of a good fit bra – the correct shape and size of linen! But in order for the bra to sit perfectly, this is not enough. It is important to know how to wear a silicone bra.

Before using silicone pads, the bust should be dry and clean – if possible, take a shower and dry yourself. For reliable bra fixing, do not apply cream or other skincare products to the body.

To put on the bra correctly, attach cups in turn to each chest, starting from the bottom and moving up. It is best to do this in front of the mirror – then you will better see the result. If it does not satisfy you – the height, shape, asymmetry does not fit or you simply felt discomfort. You can remove the cups and repeat the manipulations. After you have installed the cups properly, fasten both parts with a clasp, having previously pressed the halves with your hands.

Remove the silicone bra without jerking, separating the cups from top to bottom.

Do not be afraid of sudden surprises – on their own, overhead silicone cups cannot suddenly disconnect.

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