How an improper bra can affect your health?

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80% of women wear unsuitable sconces and do not even suspect what harm they do to their health.

Choosing a bra, we try to find the one that sits well and will be beautiful. But we do not always care about the convenience of our own breasts and the body as a whole. According to statistics, of 80% of women who wear the wrong sconces – 70% choose a bra that is small and 10% – which is large.

Why is a bra not large enough to cause various diseases?

An inconvenient sconce not only brings discomfort that you may encounter; A poorly selected bra can really have serious consequences for your overall health. According to Tim Allardyce, the head physician of the clinic at Surrey Physio:

A bra that is too tight restricts movement in the upper back, causing stiffness in the spine. The vertebrae should be in motion, but experts believe that the area where the bra strap pinches them creates an atrophic condition.

improper bra can affect your health

Unfortunately, owners of the magnificent breasts are more at risk. It is because of the heavyweight of the mammary glands, the load falls on the muscles of the neck and upper back. As soon as the neck muscles are overloaded, the likelihood of headaches increases at times.

How to find out if the bra is matched correctly?

We found several ways to find out if your favorite sconce is harmful to your health.

Method 1: You do not feel comfortable in it, crushed, painful

No matter what discomfort your bra gives you: it sits tightly on your body or leaves traces, it is a priori considered dangerous. Do not rape yourself and drive them into a painful framework, try to change the sconce as any painful sensations arise.

Method 2: You have to tighten the harnesses and use the last hooks

If you have to tighten your bra tightly and use the last hooks on the linen strap, then your sconce is clearly not suitable for you. The ideal option is when the harness with the pull-up mechanism is in the middle of the shoulder, and you use the first or second hooks.

Method 3: The straps dig into the shoulders

If the straps stick into the shoulders, then this means that they hold a lot of weight. The correct straps should hold tightly on the shoulders, without creating dents or red marks, because they should fulfill their function without creating unpleasant sensations. The correct harness fits snugly against the body and not falls off the shoulders.

Method 4: Your breasts drop from the cups

If your chest looks like it is trying to escape, your bra is probably too small. Try to choose a cup in which the chest will fit tightly according to your health and will not fall out. Prefer more closed and deep cups for daily use.

Method 5: When you raise your hands, the breast falls out of the sconce from below

Just as the chest should not protrude from above, it should also not be under the sconce. This may not only mean that the cup is too small, but also that the cups are too loose. The central part of the bra between the two cups is called the “mountain” and should lie flat, lying against the body.

Method 6: The strap on the back is higher than the cup

The back of the bra should not rise, as this will cause the front to fall down and not provide enough support for your chest. All parts of the bra should be parallel to each other and evenly distribute the functions.

Method 7: Your body has changed, and the old sconce is still suitable

When you lose or gain weight, you probably buy new clothes to fit your proportions; this should apply to your bras. Since the body changes size/shape (for example, during pregnancy health or after childbirth), your old bra is unlikely to suit you. Each time you notice a change in the overall size of the body, it is worth changing the sconce, otherwise, you will spend all the money on new outfits, but you will feel discomfort under them.

So it is worth sorting through your underwear wardrobe and getting rid of pest bras.

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