Cup Guide

Cup Guide

All feminine tricks are familiar to the creators of lingerie: a deep neckline, naked shoulders, seductive shapes, and natural breast shapes under clothes. All these are using by the fair sex to seduce with the help of your favorite lingerie. For each of the tricks of women – years of development and creation of perfect bras with various functions.

The modern classification of bras divides into several groups according to the features of the cut, and is as follows:

1. Balcony cups  

They provide an incredibly seductive neckline.

    • A soft ½ cup balconette (halves) is one of the sexiest cups that reach half of the chest, barely covering the nipple. This cup is the creation and right emblem of the Aubade brand! Unique design with a vertical or horizontal seam in the center and lateral straps lift the chest and create a delightful neckline. The cup gives the bust a seductive round shape and is suitable for sizes B to F.
    • Soft Corbey Cup ¾ – an open bra with wide-spaced shoulder straps, covering the chest 1.5 – 2 cm above the nipple. Provides comprehensive support from cup B to G. The cup gives the bust a seductive rounded shape. These bras use under clothes with a deep square and round neckline.
    • Bandeau bras with detachable straps are indispensable when you have to wear an outfit with bare shoulders. Patterns can be with a seam on a cup and seamless – molded. A broader and denser back is characteristic, on the inside of which a silicone layer provides a full fit and excellent support. Sometimes additional straps are attached, often a silicone, which, if desired, can be fixed in various positions (parallel, crosswise, or around the neck).

2. Push-up bras

they are one of the most popular models, with integrated or removable pads that allow you to raise your bust, form a beautiful hollow, and visually increase the size of your breasts. The name of the model translates as “up” and “forward.”

    • A rigid oblique push-up cup is a master of creating a deep seductive neckline. A sealed cup with a T-shaped seam and removable cushions raises and centers the chest, giving it the shape of an apple. In addition to a thick cup, the push-up effect is achieved due to the form of the bones, which push the inner chest side. Ladies with a small push-up bust size will add the desired volume, and owners of curvaceous shapes will help to create an elegant silhouette. These bras designs for a very deep neckline with a V-neck.
    • The molded “push-up” cup provides an increase in size due to the integrated pillows from a special mousse. Creates extra volume while remaining smooth – this is the best solution for tight-fitting clothing. The real secret weapon of the fair sex!

3. Molded T-shirt

padded smooth cup recommended for tight-fitting clothing

    • Molded bras T-shirt – seamless, soft, can be rigid, semi-rigid forms with linen mousse inside. The T-shirt bra, due to its structure and lack of seams, makes the nipple completely invisible even under very tight-fitting clothes. Depending on the shape of the T-shirt bra and the level of closure of the cup, the shape of the breast may also change. T-shirt provides a rounded chest shape and smoothes out bumps.
    • Memory T-shirt – a new generation of thermo-sensitive cups that remember the shape of the bust with special foam. It provides a perfect fit, excellent fit, and support.

4. Mulirovannye bras

Mulirovannye bras – a smooth, soft, seamless cup.

    • Mulennaya cup – seamless, soft, and thin, emphasizes the natural line of the neckline and the shape of the chest, provides excellent support. Ideal for all-around clothing.
    • Cup mumbled spacer – Three-dimensional fiber provides absolute breathability, softness, flexibility, and extraordinary lightness. In this model, there are no stitches, and it is in excellent round chest shape. Ideal in hot weather.

5. Classic underwire bras

Classic underwire bras are tailored bras for maximum support.

    • Closed 3-section soft cup – provides maximum support for women with curvy shapes. The reinforced elasticity of the back panel, the oval back, duplicated cups, and specially designed shoulder straps in the complex give an excellent result. In essence, this bra is ideal for owners of sizes from E to me.
    • Closed 2-section soft cup – implies a less private and more sexy form than the 3-section model. Suitable for round breasts, lush, and not very. It provides excellent support, fit, and a gorgeous neckline.
    • Minimizer – this model is exclusively for women with a very magnificent bust who seek to reduce their volume visually. The minimizer bra is tailored according to unique patterns, which allows you to visually reduce the breast by 1.5-2 sizes, providing excellent support and super comfort. The bra is sewn with the use of bones and wide straps for better fixation of the chest.

6. Seedless bra

    • A pitted bra can take any form, the main effect of which is to provide support without any squeezing. Recommended for growing breasts or medical reasons.
    • Triangle” is the “youngest” bra model, designed, as a rule, for a small chest. Soft cups do not squeeze and delicately support the bust, forming a natural silhouette.

7. bustier

  • A bustier is a tight-fitting women’s clothing that traditionally uses as underwear. Usually have bones under the chest and sides. The primary purpose of the bustier is the formation of a neat waist and raising the chest.

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