Bra under a dress with an open back, which one to choose?

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Bra under a dress

A wide variety of styles of women’s dresses with an open back will not leave indifferent any fashionista. But how to choose a bra for a dress with an open back, so that he would not treacherously ruin your image, peering out from under your clothes?

The world fashion industry has long taken care of your beauty and convenience. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel. In the lingerie salons, you can easily find the bra model you need, created specifically for a dress with an open back. The most important thing to know is which model is right for your dress.

In this article, we will go through the important rules for choosing clothes. Consider the types of bras that are perfect for a dress with an open back. How to hide your casual bra under a dress with an open back in 1 minute?

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a comfortable bra?

Before we look at specific models of bras for dresses with an open back – let’s remember how to choose a bra. After all, if you choose the wrong style, this will not only affect the convenience but can also harm your health. Therefore, such a purchase must be approached with maximum responsibility.

Pay particular attention to the comfort of your bra. Make sure that it does not press, does not cut into the skin and does not pull. Make some movements when trying on: raise your hands up, bend down, stretch… If the laundry is slipping and you feel uncomfortable – take a look at another model.

Choose cups only by their size so that they comfortably support your chest. Since the formation of the shape of your bust and posture depends on this. If you want to visually enlarge your breasts, then for this there are special models of underwear. For example, the famous Push-up!

The error of many girls – a bra a size smaller gives the breast volume. This is not true. But to give unnatural crumpled shapes and squeezing blood flow – this is easy. As a result, not only the appearance of spoils but also health!

The clasp on the bra is also of great importance. Over time, the linen stretches, and its side parts become slightly longer. So that this does not affect comfortable wearing, purchase a bra, which initially comfortably sits on the first (most extreme) fastener. So you can, in the future, fasten it on a second or third hook. And continue to wear your favorite model, without a sense of slackness.

What models are suitable for a dress with an open back?

Designers do not cease to amaze us and come up with more and more styles of dresses with an open back. A seductive neckline can – both open your entire back and a small part of it.

Bold women feel comfortable in dresses with a very deep neckline, to the waist or even lower. Of course, to put on such a frank outfit you need to take care and maintain your figure in shape. Otherwise, wrinkled skin on your back will spoil the entire desired effect of seduction.

If you – nevertheless – have extra centimeters in the waist area, or the shape of your back is far from ideal, and perhaps you are not yet ready to put on such an open style – it does not matter. Fashion designers took care of you too. Take a look at models that open only part of the back. For example, to the shoulder blades – such dresses also seduce. In addition, a dress with a small neckline can wear in everyday life. In the summer it will be a great option.

silicone back
silicone back

Designers are very inventive people, and they don’t stop halfway. Invented cutouts on the back of different depths and shapes! And then they decided to recreate and add decor on the very neckline of the dress (bows, lacing, interwoven beads …). In general, the choice is very rich. Under completely different women’s views on beauty and style!

For any shape and depth of cut on the back of the dress, suitable models of bras have already been created:

  • Regular bodice with detachable straps
  • Bra with transparent silicone back (with or without silicone straps)
  • Transformer bra
  • Silicone stickers on the chest

Now we will go through each of these models in detail and determine which style of dress they fit.

See that the straps do not fall off your shoulders and do not stick to the skin. If the straps are weakly fixed, then this will adversely affect the entire fixation of the chest. And you have to constantly correct them, which is also not very convenient. And when the straps press very hard, it is at least painful and unpleasant.

What dress will fit a regular bra with removable straps?

A bra with removable straps is a classic everyday model with straps that come loose. Due to its strong fixation in the cups and back – it holds the chest perfectly, even without straps.

It is important to remember that the larger your breast size, the wider the lateral parts of the bodice should be. They are also called “bra wings”. They provide reliable fixation and support of the chest. Accordingly, for a large breast, a stronger and stronger fixation is needed.


What dress to wear?

Such a bra is well suited to a dress that opens only part of the back, to the shoulder blades. And the unfastened straps allow you to wear an outfit with bare shoulders or with elegant straps on the dress itself.

Would you like a bra with silicone back?

Such a bra looks almost the same as a regular one. Only its straps and back are made of silicone. The clasp is in front. And the cups can be made of smooth material or have elegant lace.

There are models where there are no straps, and the lateral silicone parts of the bra are only on the sides. Thus, almost the entire back remains open.

Such a model, with silicone inserts, is suitable for both girls with small breasts and owners of a lush bust. A significant plus of such underwear is a strong fixation of the chest. It is because of the comfort and convenience of the model that girls with small breasts and the owners of the bust are impressive in size. (4th, 5th, 6th)

If you want to visually increase your charms by 1-2 sizes, then take a closer look at the Push-up cups. They perfectly emphasize the chest and give the image of piquancy.

What dress to wear?

Silicone inserts, although transparent, are clearly visible on the body. So wear such underwear under the dress with a deep neckline on the back and bare shoulders, still not worth it. Otherwise, your chic look will lose its appeal.

A dress model with guipure inserts on the back is perfect. Such a cut creates the illusion of an open back and makes the silicone part of the bra invisible.

And the model is strapless and the back can be perfectly hidden under the dress even with the deepest neckline.

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