Choosing the Right Size Bra For Nursing Mothers

During pregnancy, your body changes and prepares for breastfeeding, so it is especially important to choose the right supportive bra for pregnant and lactating mothers.

The benefits of different types of bras for pregnant and lactating mothers

Wearing a too-tight bra is unlikely to be a pleasure. But to predict how the breast will change during pregnancy and after childbirth is quite difficult: the body of each woman is unique and changes in different ways. In some, the breasts increase by only one size, while in others it can grow in three sizes and even more. Therefore, it is recommended to wear bras and T-shirts with a well-thought-out cut, able to adapt to changes in body shape and provide you with constant comfort.

During the day, it is best to wear a comfortable seamless nursing bra – seedless, but with support. You can start wearing such a bra during pregnancy when your regular bras will become small for you. During breastfeeding, it is good to use bras with detachable cups – so you can feed your baby simply and quietly.

At night it’s worth putting on a comfortable “breathing” bra for sleeping, which will hold the bra pads in place and make the feeding process easier.

How to choose the size of a nursing bra?

When choosing a bra, the main thing is to correctly measure your chest. This can be done at home in convenient conditions or in the store with the help of a specialist. Each woman is unique, so the measurement is the very first and most important stage.

Having decided on the size, try on a bra to make sure that you are comfortable in it. At the same time, you can check whether the bra has comfortable fasteners and detachable cups, whether its shape and quality of the material suits you, how well it supports the chest, whether it is invisible under clothes, and so on.

Check if it is comfortable to undo the bra clasps with one hand. This is important because you have to unfasten and fasten them with one hand constantly – with the other you will hold the child.

Bra size calculator

  • Step one: Measure your chest circumference at the most prominent points, making sure that the centimeter tape lies flat and does not twist.
  • Step Two: Measure your body circumference under your chest. Make sure that the centimeter tape fits exactly over the entire circumference.


Can pregnant women wear an underwired bra?

Every expectant mother wants to be attractive, but is it safe to wear a bra on the bones to support the breast. Will he have a negative impact on the health of the pregnant woman and further breastfeeding?

Many midwives do not recommend wearing underwired bras during pregnancy. The rigid wire can interfere with natural changes in the size and shape of the breast. A bra can interfere with an increase in blood flow and have a negative effect on the developing duct system of the breast. In the best case, a bra with bones will cause discomfort, but in the worst case, it can lead to inflammation (mastitis).

Breast changes begin in the early stages of pregnancy. In the first few months, the mammary gland becomes denser, as the duct system is actively developing, and the veins under the skin are more noticeable. There is a gradual increase in size, on average, each breast will increase by 5 cm.

the Right Size Bra For Nursing MothersDue to changes in the chest, it is important to wear comfortable, supportive maternity bras made from natural fabrics. You may need new sets of laundry sooner than you think. You should be prepared for the fact that during the period of pregnancy you will need to change the bra several times for a larger size.

A good maternity bra has wider straps than a regular bra, and adjustable braces so that you can adjust it when your breasts increase in size.

If you still do not want to give up your favorite underwire bra, then make sure that it fits the size, does not put pressure on the chest, remove it when you come home and do not sleep in it.

Some FAQs

Why not wear a normal bra during pregnancy?

The breast grows, the amount of fluid in it increases. The mammary gland can become heavier by 280-510 grams. This increases the load on it, affects the condition of the skin of the chest. Without proper support, the chest may become deformed. Strong tension in the neck and shoulders may also appear.

How does breast size change during pregnancy?

There is no standard answer to this question, but most women should expect breast enlargement during pregnancy by at least one size in the belt and about three sizes in the cup.

When is the best time to buy a bra?

This is the time when the chest begins to increase in volume and the usual bras cease to be comfortable. This usually occurs in the fourth month of pregnancy.

Maternity bras are initially fastened with the tightest hook at the beginning of pregnancy in order to move it to looser hooks closer to childbirth. It is recommended that you purchase at least three bras.

Should the maternity bra be soft or underwired?

Properly selected underwear with bones does not cause discomfort. It allows you to feel more confident. Pitted lingerie will be more comfortable for sleeping and wearing in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Nursing Bra

The nursing bra is modeled in a special way. The cups are unfastened from the straps, opening the chest and allowing you to feed the baby. Nursing bras are usually seamless and have enhanced breast support.

When is the best time to buy a nursing bra? Three weeks before the expected date of birth, the breast size will become stable, and should not change much before the start of feeding. If there are doubts about how much the volume of the breast will change during lactation. It is enough to add one size to the cup of the bra that you wore during pregnancy.

What should a nursing bra be like: with or without bones? If the bones are modeled and set correctly, then the linen will not cause inconvenience. It is not recommended to sleep in such a bra, for sleep a soft sconce is preferable. Throughout the entire period of lactation, it is recommended to sleep in supportive underwear to ensure the correct position of the chest during sleep.

What should I look for when choosing a nursing bra?

  • Many sconces for feeding have a clasp on the cup, which is easy to unfasten with one hand, while on the other hand you hold the baby.
  • For comfort and quick-drying, the cups inside should be made of cotton or other breathable fabric. An equally important point is the elasticity of the material.
  • The presence of a wide belt and at least four hooks will provide excellent chest support and the ability to adjust the tension.

Unlike a maternity bra, the model for feeding should sit comfortably when fastened with the first hook. Gradually, the size of the chest will decrease, and the closure will shift to the last hook.

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