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Bras Without Fasteners for a daring look

The open back using a Bras Without Fasteners attracts not only men’s looks but adds charm and confidence to its owner. To make an unforgettable impression and conquer with your sexuality, it is enough to bare your back with the help of an appropriate model of a dress or blouse. Underclothes with an open back, it is recommended to wear a bra without fasteners. A bra without fasteners at the back is selected according to the cut of the outfit and the width of the cutout on the back. Wearing such a bra is not scary, as it seems at first glance, but very comfortable and convenient.

On silicone insert

A bra on a silicone insert is a classic model in which on the back of the bra, instead of fabric, is a strip of silicone, and the fastener is attached in front. This model perfectly supports and fixes the chest, suitable for all girls, regardless of breast size.

Only water for any outfit with an open back, this type of bra without fasteners will not work. Silicone straps will be visible on the body, so it is best to wear this bra under a dress or blouse, where the cut on the back is made with transparent inserts.

Bras Without Fasteners

One of the options for a bra without fasteners on the back is a model that consists of only two silicone cups that are connected together by a hook or a special magnet. In such a bra there is no shoulder strap, no back, and no fasteners.

The bra cups are attached to the chest using a special adhesive base, so they do not fall off during movement and support the chest perfectly.

You can wear them under a dress with the deepest neckline and any neckline on the back.

bras without fasteners

The disadvantage of this model is that it can only be worn by owners of a small breast, and also, no longer than six hours a day, since silicone does not allow our skin to breathe, and at temperatures above +30 degrees, it is strictly forbidden to wear silicone cups.

Alternative to silicone cups

If you have a very open outfit and you need to choose a suitable bra without a fastener on the back, but there is an allergic reaction of the body to silicone, then cups covered with a fabric with sticky inner surfaces are suitable. A bra can be taken with a push-up effect, which is used to visually enlarge the breast. The side parts of such a bra are small, fixed on the body with a sticky base.

All bras that have a self-adhesive base are good for open dresses, with breast sizes no more than 85B, but you can use them for a little time and not in too much heat.


For lovers of active sports, bras without fasteners on the back are perfect. Sports bras are made of natural or synthetic materials in the form of a top, do not have any hooks or fasteners, therefore they do not create discomfort and are not particularly felt on the body.

Such a bra is convenient when traveling or on long trips, as the clasp on the back will not press. Designers have developed many different models of sports bras for every taste. A sports bra without fasteners on the back, sits well on a woman of any age and complexion, regardless of the size of the chest.

Transparent stickers instead of a bra

An alternative to bras without a fastener on the back are transparent stickers that support the chest. These stickers are attached under the nipples to tighten and raise the bust. A good option for girls who are uncomfortable wearing bras every day, or need to bare the back in a beautiful dress! Transparent stickers on the chest are made with a natural medical film. Do not cause allergies, are waterproof, and do not take up much space.

For every day, this kind of bra without fasteners on the back does not fit, but you can safely put on a swimsuit or clothes with an open back.

An open back attracts men no worse than a deep neckline. But they also have a feeling of irritation at the sight of a peering back of a bra. In order to find the perfect bra without a back, you won’t need a lot of expenses: in stores. There is a large selection of budget models of bras without a back, and you can also do it yourself.

The peeling bra never looked beautiful. And it doesn’t matter what kind of back the bra has: lace, color, and even transparent. This is considered bad manners.

Another type is the Silicone bra

Another name is “sticky” bra. It is called so since silicone cups are as if glued to the chest. A great option for girls with AC breast size! Models of some sticky bras create a push-up effect. Ladies with a magnificent bust will also be able to afford such a bra, but it is advisable to try on it so that it fits perfectly in size.

There are many options for silicone backless bras, both on budget and luxury brands. Even inexpensive ones will last you more than 20 times. Body and black models are the most versatile. They will suit any clothes from your wardrobe.

But there are some minor disadvantages:

  • Do not wear for longer than 4-6 hours, as it is harmful to health
  • material may cause allergic reactions
  • in hot weather can come off

Plain bra with the extra-long strap! You can wrap elongated straps around the waist, and the bra belt will be much lower. Or you can purchase such a functional strap in the underwear store and attach it to your favorite Bras Without Fasteners.

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