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What is a nursing bra for? How to choose the best bra just for you, when you need to buy it, is it possible to sleep in it and is it worth it to wear all the time? The answers to these questions are in our article.

What is a nursing bra for?

To make it convenient to breastfeed! In order to expose the breast in a regular bra, you need to unfasten the bra on the back, raise the cup up, i.e. almost take it off, because while the second breast is exposed. In a nursing bra, you can simply unfasten the cup with a clip, pull one (!) Cup down, exposing the chest not completely! The chest turns out to be almost completely closed, in such a bra it is appropriate to feed the child even in a public place, but, of course, in a secluded corner.

The main difference between a nursing bra and a regular bra is the ability to unfasten the cup and expose the breast without removing the bra.

How to choose a bra for feeding?

No need to immediately look for a bra for feeding. First, you need to determine the size of the bra that suits you today. During pregnancy, the size of the breast changes – someone has more, someone has less, but everyone changes. And size is the first thing to decide.

How to determine the size of the bra? The best and easiest way is to visit a lingerie store where there are bras of several brands at once and where there are many different sizes. Not the fact that this will be your usual lingerie store. During pregnancy, the breast may even change by several sizes; you may need the help of consultants who will determine your new breast size. Therefore – feel free to shop!

You can, of course, use the side tables. But the success of determining the size of the bra according to the tables is waiting for only 30-40% of women. And still, you need to measure it – perhaps you can determine one bra size from the table, and the next one is ideal for you.

Once you have determined the size of the bra that suits you, the thing is small – you need to find a store in which there are nursing bras for your size. And already there to choose the shape and model of a bra!

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types of Nursing bras

You need to understand what kind of nursing bras exist in principle. We will only talk about bras for breastfeeding. Perhaps, for most, such a design will be unusual, but these are very comfortable bras for home and for sleeping. They are comfortable to sleep precisely because of the lack of seeds. Usually, the form of such a bra raises a question – it looks like out-of-date. But, believe me, this is only until you put on your clothes. In clothes, the bra looks as if it were a regular bra. These models hold their shape well and firmly support the chest. You can safely wash them in the washing machine – they will not tumble out of the bones, which in these models simply do not. Our advice is to look at them, at least do not refuse to try them on in a store.

They have the usual appearance of a daily bra, the cup is unfastened with a clip so that you can expose one breast and feed the baby. The absence of seams on the cup makes the bra especially comfortable, nothing irritates the nipple. In addition, such a bra is not visible under knitted clothes. Such models are presented in basic colors – beige, black. The bra cup can be soft (without foam) or with foam – choose what is more comfortable for you

When to buy a nursing bra before delivery or after childbirth?

Our recommendation is 2-3 weeks before the expected birth so that there is at least one nursing bra with which you will go to the hospital. Later, when lactation is established, after discharge from the hospital, you can ask someone from your loved ones – mom or husband – to come to buy a couple more bras.

During lactation, especially at the beginning, milk leaks often occur. To make such leaks less sensitive (noticeable), it is better to use special inserts and have a bra to change. By the end of the first or second week of lactation, the size of the nursing breast becomes more or less stable. It’s better, of course, to come for the next bras themselves, but if this is not possible, then, based on the size of the first nursing bra that was bought at the hospital, you can understand if you need more or less size – by waist and cup.

Does a nursing mother need to sleep in a nursing bra?

Not at all necessary! This is only recommended if there is a lot of milk and it leaks at night. Then the bra is needed in order to put inserts in the cups. In principle, at night, the breast does not need the support of a bra, and its absence will not affect its shape, there is no likelihood of stretch marks or sagging breasts due to its mass.

Sleeping in a nursing bra only makes sense when there is a lot of milk and it is leaking. In this case, special inserts must be placed in the bra.

Do I need to constantly wear a nursing bra?

When you are in an upright position – yes, you should always wear it. A nursing bra supports the breast, prevents it from sagging, and helps to maintain the shape of the breast. Breast in a bra is at a higher level than without a bra. This means that milk will not stagnate in the lower parts of the chest; the likelihood of lactostasis (stagnation of milk) is reduced. One indispensable condition! – A nursing bra must be sized correctly, in no case should it squeeze anything, should not press anywhere.

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