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I would like not only to make a strong baby but also to preserve my beauty and attractiveness during pregnancy. To do this, special vitamins, mineral supplements, comfortable clothes and, of course, the “right” maternity underwear are produced to help expectant mothers. Many are perplexed – why change the usual underwear to a special one, or, on the contrary, wonder what kind of bra is better for pregnant women to wear. The thing is that the choice of underwear is directly related to changes in the woman’s body. To begin with, why a bra is needed at all during this period and what happens to a woman’s body.

Why is it necessary to wear a bra for pregnant women?

The thing is that in the body of the expectant mother, even in the early stages, a lot of changes occur. The body is preparing for motherhood, and the chest, in particular, for feeding. The first changes occur precisely with the mammary glands because they are the source of milk for the baby. For nine months, the breast should “prepare”, so its active growth begins already in the first trimester.

This does not go unnoticed by a woman:

  • the chest becomes more sensitive, painful sensations appear;
  • the bust increases in size in the first weeks;
  • the halo becomes darker, and the nipple itself is larger;
  • Blood rushes to the chest, so veins and small vessels become more noticeable.

Therefore, it is doubly important and necessary to take care of the breast to avoid stretch marks and sagging in the future. This care is not so difficult – use care products and wear special underwear.

How Is A Maternity Bra Different Than Usual?

We have already noted that the pregnant woman’s breasts are changing, but the main reason for the rejection of familiar linen is its active growth. Already in the first couple of weeks of preparation for motherhood, the bust can increase by one, or even two sizes, and this is not the limit. Along with painful sensations in your chest, your usual underwear can become a real punishment for you because of your inconvenience, and then a bra for pregnant women comes to the rescue. Here are its differences and advantages.

  • More elastic than familiar models. Breasts “there is room to grow,” while you are comfortable.
  • Made of hypoallergenic materials. Often, when sewing products, they use natural fabrics such as cotton, if it is synthetics, then a new generation. Such material is breathable, hygroscopic, and elastic and does not cause allergies.
  • The product belt is soft and has additional rows of fasteners. This is necessary, as the volume of the chest increases, too, because mom needs to breathe for two and her lungs become larger. As the size increases, an additional row of hooks is also needed.
  • The straps are wide and provide the proper support without digging into the body.
  • The bra for pregnant women has no bones and rough seas, so as not to interfere with blood circulation and not to squeeze the body. If the bones are there, then they are soft.

How to Choose A Bra During Pregnancy?

There are a number of simple recommendations that will help the expectant mother to choose the right bra. So, how to choose a bra during pregnancy?

  • First of all, in size. This is the main condition. All models have a “stock” and quietly increase by 2-3 sizes.
  • Give preference to quality. It’s better to buy one product and wear it out completely in these few months. It will be much more useful than a few cheaper, but useless and uncomfortable bras.
  • Choose a product with removable, but always wide straps with adjustable. If you wish, you can always change everyday straps to transparent ones if the clothes are open, while remaining in comfortable underwear.
  • In the last weeks of pregnancy, you can safely re-dress in a nursing bra. It will be more comfortable and the chest, most likely, will not increase much already.
  • Lack of frame should be an advantage when buying. Bones, bulging sutures – a direct threat to breast health.
  • Appearance – important, is not it? Therefore, the product must also be attractive in appearance. Fortunately, maternity bras are not only comfortable but also beautiful. After all, a lady should always feel attractive.

Proper use of a Pregnancy Bra?

Future mothers always have a lot of questions during preparation for motherhood. This is absolutely natural. A lot of questions are also associated with underwear and we will try to answer the most common ones.

  • Can pregnant women sleep in a bra? Our answer is even necessary. The main thing is that he be “right” – not press and do not crash into the body. The best option is a maternity top or a special shirt with breast support.
  • Do pregnant women need to wear a bra all the time? It is desirable, as this reduces the risk of stretching cooper ligaments and the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Can pregnant women wear a bra with underwire? It is extremely undesirable, and it is better to completely abandon a bra with these in recent weeks.
  • Can pregnant women wear a foam bra? It is better to refuse a bra with foam cups, as they do not allow the chest to breathe and do not have the necessary elasticity. All this causes discomfort and prevents the breast from developing correctly.
  • Can pregnant women wear a sports bra? The purpose of a sports bra is to hold the chest during intense physical exertion, and not to provide comfort during preparation for motherhood. You can read more about the purpose and features of the sports bodice here and make sure that this type of underwear will not suit the expectant mother.

We hope that you have found answers to all your questions and now you know how to choose a bra for pregnant women and what it should be. Caring for the future of the child begins with caring for you – remember this.

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