Various Types Of Bras Advantages And Disadvantages

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Various Types of brassiere for all types of women

Not all types of bodices sit equally well on the same woman. So not everyone’s body is the same, therefore, we have compiled an extensive list of the most common and various types of bras and identified the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Knowing what size and what type of bra are best for your figure, it will be easier for you to choose the right model for all your requirements. In addition, it is worth remembering that the type of cup depends on how comfortable the bra will sit. To solve this woman’s dilemma by offering a wide range of styles and sizes that she will not find elsewhere online. Going forth, we also prepared their review.

Multi-piece Types Of brassiere

In such models, the cups consist of 2 or more flaps of fabric. In addition, cups with seams provide the best support.

A bra with cups from several parts is almost the only model that provides the chest with the most optimal support. In addition, all lace bodices should have exactly cups with seams, otherwise, the lace will not be able to lie beautifully and correctly.

Another advantage of such bodices is that they give the chest a beautiful shape, lifting them to the center. Calyx can consist of 2, 3 or even 4 parts. Most cups of 3-4 parts have an additional vertical side insert. It helps to move the breast tissue from under the arms closer to the middle of the chest, making your silhouette more refined.

If your size is D and larger you need, first of all, pay attention to bras with cups from several parts. They will not only provide good support for the bust but also a beautiful shape.

The model is suitable for: voluminous, heavy, and also lost the shape of the chest; giving a more traditional form for the bust, in which the right and left breasts are directed in different directions.

The model is not suitable for: breasts of small size, which already does not require the support of cups with seams.

Silicone bra (adhesive bra)

Silicone bra is not designed to support the chest; however, this bodice is able to give the bust a beautiful shape.

Some models give the breast a larger volume, thanks to the additional silicone. Silicone bra – perfectly copes where other bodices are useless! For example, for a dress with an open back.

The model is suitable for: if you need a good girth and no other types of bras are suitable; giving additional volume – models with silicone can visually increase the chest by size; when you need to hide too protruding nipples.

The model is not suitable for: a bust that needs additional support.

Demi bra

The feature of these bras is shorter bones and less coverage of the upper chest, as well as widely spaced shoulder straps.

The model is suitable for:

  • a small chest that needs to be raised;
  • women with a fragile physique, but large breasts – they need short bones and better breast coverage;
  • Women with symmetry (fusion of the mammary glands) who require short bones not reaching the middle of the sternum.

The model is not suitable for:

  • too sagging breasts – the bust will look ugly;
  • for a breast with an omega-shaped form, in which there are too many breast tissue for the cups of this type of bodice;
  • the incomplete and conical shape of the breast – it will not be able to completely fill the cups;
  • women counting on the kind of support that only a full-cup bra can offer;
  • owners of large halo that can peek over the cups;
  • Women with sloping shoulders – they can slip off the straps.

Various Types Of Bras : Push-up Bra

The cups of this bra are distinguished by various inserts in the lower part, allowing you to raise the chest, forming a beautiful hollow and visually increase the size of the chest. Straps, as a rule, are widely spaced in such a model.

A pushup bra often has removable inserts. Most of these bras have a size of C or less and wide-spaced straps. But also found in volume E.

New models of push-up bodices are distinguished by inserts not only at the bottom but also on the sides of the cups, along the outer edges. This type of bras not only lifts the chest but also practically connects them together to form a beautiful hollow.

Nevertheless, the widely spaced breasts and the size of the cups – B or even less are unlikely to be able to form a beautiful hollow, because for this there is not enough tissue of the mammary glands.

The model is suitable for:

  • a small self-supporting chest, as well as for a bust that half supports itself;
  • creating a more elegant and/or sexy chest in the neckline of the dress or in the top with a low neckline;
  • Bust of a small size, which needs to be given volume.

The model is not suitable for:

  • sagging and lowered breasts – such a bust does not rise enough;
  • asymmetric breast shape, which requires additional inserts to hide the difference;
  • women with cup sizes AA and A – the bra will not have the proper effect;
  • widely spaced mammary glands that cannot form a beautiful hollow;
  • Women with sloping shoulders whose straps are constantly slipping off.

Seamless / Modeling bra

The cups of such a bra are made of solid fabric, without seams; therefore they give the breast the shape provided for by the features of their design.

Seamless bras give the breast a natural, rounded shape without any seams. If you prefer to wear tight or tight-fitting things, then a seamless bra will be an excellent choice, because it is practically invisible under clothes.

If your chest size reaches D or higher, then a seamless bra may not suit you. The shape of the cups in such bodices is already determined by the manufacturer. But under the weight of the breast, it can be deformed, and the breasts sag. However, for larger sizes, you can also choose bodices with two layers of fabric – this will provide better support.

The model is suitable for:

  • breasts that do not require an additional volume;
  • a bust that does not need strong support;
  • Make the contours of the bust more refined and natural under tight tops.

The model is not suitable for:

  • breasts of unequal shape (unless the calyxes are elastic), with uneven completeness;
  • a bust larger than F – difficulties may arise with its support;
  • A sagging or sagging breast shape – without good support, it will look ugly.

Sports Bra

Another pitted bodice. Sports bras are designed specifically to reduce chest movements during exercise. The peculiarity of its design in wide straps and large coverage of the chest with cups!

The chest is supported by Cooper’s inelastic ligaments, and due to constant loads, these ligaments are damaged, which causes sagging breasts. Therefore, sports bras prevent damage to breast tissue.

Manufacturers often classify models of sports bras according to the level of physical activity. If you do exercises of varying degrees of intensity, then you will need several different models of such bras. There are 3 types of sports bra designs:

a compression bra that looks like a bandage, pressing the chest to the sternum so that they practically merge into one – it is well suited for women with sizes A or B. Thanks to the T-shaped strap of straps, you can safely wear t-shirts or tops;

Another type of bra involves a separate cup for each breast, so this bodice looks like a classic one with full coverage of the mammary gland. Wide straps, in some cases fasteners and bones, can hold the bust in place; bras combining these two features at once to give the breast maximum stability. This combination is becoming increasingly popular.

The model is suitable for:

  • playing sports – its design is designed specifically to minimize chest movements during exercise;
  • women whose bust needs support during physical activity;
  • those who need a good girth and support;
  • So that the chest does not pop out during exercise.

The model is not suitable for:

  • Frequent everyday use;
  • Women who want to increase breast size.

Strapless Bra

Any bodice with removable harnesses can be attributed to this category. Of all the types of bras, a strapless bodice is the most difficult to design.

Due to the lack of strapless, the functions of the bra are completely dependent on the strength of the fabric, the design of the belt, the shape of the bones.

A bodice without harnesses and pits is called a bando and has less support on the chest.

Strapless bras provide better support if they have a wide belt with special inserts on the sides and front, deep bones. Silicone bands along the inside of the bodice prevent the breast from slipping out. Some strapless models also have special inserts in the cups themselves, which allows for better support for the chest.

Bones in strapless bras are different from those in regular bras. They are slightly higher and more curved to better fit the chest. In addition, they are slightly beveled, which guarantees the bust better support and does not allow it to slip out.

Even with the most reliable technologies, a strapless bra may not always be comfortable and will have to be constantly corrected throughout the evening, especially for active women with a lush bust. To fix this, you can try a half-bra strapless bra.

The model is suitable for:

  • strapless dresses or tops;
  • elastic or half-supportive breast shape;
  • bust cup size not larger than G;
  • Creating a neckline that other bras cannot handle.

The model is not suitable for:

  • breasts larger than G and requiring additional support – a bustier or half-grace will be the best choice;
  • Women often have to raise or lower their hands.

Underwire bras

Such bodices provide the chest not only with good support but also with shape.

Until the end of World War II, all bras were pitted. The invention of the latter was a real revolution in the world of clothing because the bra provided good support even with small chest coverage.

Thanks to the appearance of bones, such bodices as demi, push-up, strapless and low-cut became available.

However, underwired bras are not suitable for every woman, because they are designed for the fact that a woman has a columnar figure without any bends, for example, a small tummy. The bones should be placed evenly on the chest, and not bent. Therefore, for owners of a wide chest, a miniature or pear-shaped figure, and bodice with bones may not be suitable, because the bones can bend, resting against the body or even tingling it.

The way out of this situation can be underwired bodices with an arched jumper. Such its shape will allow you to adapt the bodice to the features of the tummy and will make it possible to correctly place the bones in front of your sternum.

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